How to Replace Pressure Relief Valve

How to Replace Pressure Relief Valve

Updated 4-12-22 Phil shows you how to replace a pressure relief valve in a water heater. I’m going to show you how to replace the pressure relief valve on a water heater that’s electric. Shut your water off. Open up the valve on your sink. Go to your electric panel. Turn your breaker off, which … Read more

Long Bending Wood Drill Bits #shorts

Long Bending Wood Drill Bits #shorts

Updated 4-12-22 Bending Augar Tip #tooltips Hi guys. This is something that I have several different sizes of these, they are about $35 apiece. So I wouldn’t say they’re cheap, but it has a augar tip on it, and it drills this size a hole. You can get them in way, way smaller. All of … Read more

Drywall Tips – Fast Mud

Foil Tape - Duct Sealing Tape

You’ve seen some of the other Tic Toks or little films, the insulation that you put around ductwork, and insulation that’s already there, or just sealing up ductwork. This is a foil face tape. This one doesn’t have any paper to separate it, but it’s pretty strong more than you would like to sometimes be, … Read more

Ceramic Tile Nibbler #shorts

Ceramic Tile Nibblers

Updated 4-12-22 This is pretty specific for ceramic tile, slash stone glass. This is a nibbler for breaking ceramic tile. Little tiny pieces of it. So you don’t have you can’t get all the way into a corner or you can sort of be that close can take and break it, a number of different … Read more

Pipe-Wrenches, Various Sizes

Pipe-Wrenches, Various Sizes #shorts

Updated 4-12-22 Pipe wrenches you can use. Okay. One of the things that I carry a lot of different types, and this is not even all of them. These are different size and different style, pipe wrenches. These are very rugged. You adjust them up and down this way. You’ll have to keep checking to … Read more

Sprayers To Check for Leaks

Sprayers to Check for Leaks

Updated 4-13-22 You can use a cheap sprayer, and soapy water to find leaks. There’s something that we use a lot, both for air conditioning or any kind of propane or natural gas, checking for leaks. These little sprayers This one’s pretty small. We put a little bit of dishwashing liquid in just a little … Read more

Estwing Hammer

Estwing Hammer

Updated 2-27-22 Estwing Hammer, tool tips. This is a Estwing hammer. Don’t normally buy. I love Estwind for a brand, it’s a great brand is extremely expensive. This is one that I got a good deal on. This is a stone hammer for chipping away a block is what I use it for and rock … Read more

Wis Snips

Wiss Snips

Updated 4-13-22 Something we use a lot for metal roofs, metal duct work and a lot of metal things lightweight metal. It is a pair of Wiss snips and this brand I like particular because it has more depth. Much more reliable for length of use. And it’s like Home Depot sells it and Lowe’s … Read more

Metal Working Tools – Electric Shears

Metal Working Tools - Electric Shears

Updated 2-27-22 Electric Shears. Hey. This is a new tool for a lot of people. This is shears. Instead of using snips, you use these. And what this does is this part here goes up and down, and it pinches. So it makes it all cut a quarter inch, cut all the way through the … Read more

Foil Tape – Paper Backing #shorts

Foil Tape - Paper Backing #shorts

Foil Tape w-Paper Backing Hey, guys, this is another type of foil tape It has a like a wax paper back on it. Once you start peeling it, working it, you get to where you want a length that you want and you can just take your hand and tear and then you put it … Read more

Metal Duct-work Insulation

Metal Ductwork Insulation

Updated 4-12-22 Metal Ductwork Insulation Here’s another thing that you can buy in a 75 foot long, four foot wide rolls as insulation that goes around metal ductwork. And that way you don’t have condensation and you don’t lose the heat or air conditioning to the outside elements, and that constant batttle. But we wrapped … Read more

Wall Paper Steamer

Wall Paper Steamer

Updated 4-13-22 The kind of tool that occasionally I use. I actually loaned it out and got it stolen from and had to buy another one. This is actually a gift from a friend. It’s a power steamer 715. I don’t know how they can with the number, but it is for steaming off wallpaper … Read more

Recondition a Battery

Straight Arrow Repair Blog Posts

Here’s some information that Phil came across and thought that we’d share with you: How to Recondition a Battery ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES AND GLOVES WHEN WORKING WITH ACID Materials: Magnesium Sulfate (EPSOM SALT), ten heaping tablespoons Distilled Water, one gallon. MUST BE DISTILLED not tap water, These materials are available from a drug store … Read more

Speed Square Is a Great Thing to Own

Speed Square Is a Great Thing to Own #shorts

Updated 4-12-22 This is a real handy tool. This one is particularly inexpensive, you can tell by the thickness. It’s called the speed square. And you can use it for a lot of different things. I’m going to show you a couple of things, which is if you wanted to do square across mark or … Read more

How To Use a Texture Brush

How to use a texture Brush

Updated 4-10-22 How to use a Texture Brush This is what you would call a textured brush. You can do a lot of different textures. I’m going to show you what you use, a single one. They have doubles, but then you have to dump a lot into something larger than a bucket. This is … Read more

Folding Bench #shorts – Metal Stool

Folding Bench #shorts - Metal Stool

Updated 4-12-22 This is one of the many, many tools that we use. It’s easy to get along with very light weight and you lock it in, right there, another one on the other side it hold 225 lbs, but actually a whole lot more than that because I weigh 260. So then you can … Read more

Spraying Wooden Deck with Oxiclean

Spraying Deck with Oxiclean #shorts

Updated 4-10-22 Using Oxiclean to spray a deck clean. Now we’re spraying it. Whoever the director was. Didn’t care anything for rules.

Drywall T-Square #shorts

Drywall T-Square

Updated 4-13-22 This is something I use whenever I want to make sure I’m getting dead on square, so called a T square. See the shape is meant for drywall, but you certainly can use it on other things than drywall. You set sheet would be laying on the side or laying like this and … Read more

Using Trowel With Ceramic Thinset

Using Trowel With Ceramic Thinset #shorts

Updated 4–13-22 Doing a ceramic tile at home or a number of other things that you have keyes to the wall. This is a type of glue that we use and this is an inexpensive of trowel, and this is what the material looks like. And you put it on the wall and then you … Read more

How to Repair a Small Area of Texture

How to Repair a Small area of Texture

Updated 4-10-22 How to Repair a Small area of Texture This is something I use on smaller jobs. It’s a sold by Homemax, and you’re going to find it at Lowe’s sometimes at Home Depot too. It’s wall texture gun. it’s 20 bucks. This is the one that’s better than brown. Dark and brown doesn’t … Read more

How To Do A Blow-out Patch – Drywall Patch

How To Do A Blow-out Patch - Drywall Patch

Updated 4-10-22 How To Do Blow-out Patch Okay. This is what we’re fixing to do is called a blow-out patch. You can use a piece of wood and a piece of drywall to fill in a hole like that. There’s a size that a little bit smaller and then I cut all around that, and … Read more

Easy Way to Mix Small Batch of Mud or Thin Set

Easy Way to Mix Batch of Mud or Thin Set

Updated 2-27-22 Ealy Way to Mix Sm Batch of Mud or Thin Set This is a method we use with a battery power drill and a beater from like a kitchen. This case we’re mixing grout, but you can do fast mud, thin set for ceramic tile If you in small batches lets you get … Read more

Drywall Mud mixing Paddle

Drywall Mud mixing Paddle

Updated 2-27-22 Drywall Mud Paddle Hello again. This is a, a paddle we’re spinning drywall mud. You have to put it on the drill and put it in the mud. I suggest you hold on to it with most feet on the sides, and there has to be a heavier drill, but a little bit … Read more

Battery Power Finish Nailer

Ryobi Battery Power Finish Nailer

Updated 2-26-22 Another handy tool eliminates the need for air compressor, although I do have those and air nailer, and the hoses and all the noise it comes with it. This is a battery powered finish nailer. It is this is a straight angle. They have CO2 ones and others that are they would be … Read more

Ryobi Battery Power 5.5 In Circular Saw #shorts

Ryobi Battery Power 5.5 In Circular Saw

Battery power saw 5.5 #Tooltips. Hey, guys. It’s a windy day. We’re using a tool that I use a lot for small work. It’s a battery powered, this is, it actually happens to be Ryobi. Smaller saw. They actually make full sized saws too. This is a five and a half inch blade, not a … Read more

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