Cheap Cotton Gloves for Work

Updated 1-30-23 There’s something I use all the time when things get dirty, nasty, and I want to keep my hands from getting as nasty. I wear cotton gloves to preserve things. You can get a whole package of them at Lowe’s and Home Depot Harbor Freight, but kind of keeps you from getting as … Read more

Inexpensive Headlamps #shorts

Inexpensive Headlights Because I’m getting ready to go into underneath a house. It’s gonna be a lot of darkness. This is a very inexpensive headlamp. I buy them, almost lose them constantly because they get misplaced. But there are only 3.99 at Harbour Freight, and it really does a pretty good job and doesn’t use … Read more

Magnetic Light #Shorts

Updated 1-30-23 Magnetic Headlight One more time into the breach. We’re fixing to go underneath a house. And also when we go in the attic, we have need for lights. This is a particular light that’s great for going underneath a mobile home, jacking it up. And or working on plumbing because it has a … Read more

Construction Trash Bags #Shorts

Contractor’s Bag This is something I really like using. It’s a contractor bag, as you can tell. Holds up to 110 lbs. And believe me, I put it to the test: ceramic tile, which would cut your hands, rocks. This is a really great bag. You get those at Lowe’s or Home Depot and it’s … Read more

Swenson Shear for Cutting Roofing Metal #Shorts

Type of shears that Phil uses to cut metal. Hi guys. This is another tool I don’t use very often, but it’s called a Swenson shear, s-w-e-n-s-o-n shear And you can change the profiles to the metal that you’re cutting with this. This is used for cutting metal, metal roofing, metal siding for commercial metal … Read more

Water Level #shorts

Short Water-Level: Phil shows you how to create a water level in the field. Hey, guys. This is a, what I have made is a water level. It’s made from PVC adapter and then a test plug to keep it solid bottom, and then a barbed fitting coming out of here and then silicone here. … Read more

Using Pergo Flooring for Releveling #Shorts

Updated 1-30-23 Using flooring to Relevel a trailer. Hey, as opposed to using sometimes wedges, oak wedges and things that might compress. I did find that this old pogo snap together floor, this stuff does not and I repeat, does not crush much at all. It’s already compressed as hard as it can be. So … Read more

Long Bending Wood Drill Bits #shorts

Long Bending Wood Drill Bits #shorts

Updated 1-29-23 Bending Augar Tip #tooltips Hi guys. This is something that I have several different sizes of these, they are about $35 apiece. So I wouldn’t say they’re cheap, but it has a augar tip on it, and it drills this size a hole. You can get them in way, way smaller. All of … Read more

Ceramic Tile Nibbler #shorts

Ceramic Tile Nibbler #shorts

Updated 1-29-23 Ceramic Tile Nibbler This is pretty specific for ceramic tile, slash stone glass. This is a nibbler for breaking ceramic tile. Little tiny pieces of it. So you don’t have you can’t get all the way into a corner or you can sort of be that close can take and break it, a … Read more

Sprayers to Check for Leaks #shorts

Sprayers to Check for Leaks #Shorts

Updated 1-29-23 You can use a cheap sprayer, and soapy water to find leaks. There’s something that we use a lot, both for air conditioning or any kind of propane or natural gas, checking for leaks. These little sprayers This one’s pretty small. We put a little bit of dishwashing liquid in just a little … Read more

Estwing Hammer #shorts

Estwing Hammer #shorts

Updated 1-29-23 Estwing Hammer, tool tips. This is a Estwing hammer. Don’t normally buy. I love Estwing for a brand, it’s a great brand is extremely expensive. This is one that I got a good deal on. This is a stone hammer for chipping away a block is what I use it for and rock … Read more

Wis Snips #Shorts

Updated 1-29-23 Another type of snips that Phil uses Something we use a lot for metal roofs, metal duct work and a lot of metal things lightweight metal. It is a pair of Wiss snips and this brand I like particular because it has more depth. Much more reliable for length of use. And it’s … Read more

Simplex Mechanical Jack #Shorts

Simplex Mechanical Jack #shorts

Updated 1-25-23 Simplex mechanical Jack a tool that can be used to lift up lighter projects like decks. ? Subscribe, ?, it helps a lot!!➤❓/ ?:➤ Follow ➤➤I get a little for the channel-no charge for you if you use the links:➤➤Shop Amazon➤➤Tool lists & recommended products?

Wall Paper Steamer

Wall Paper Steamer #Shorts

Updated 1-25-23 Wall Paper Steamer The kind of tool that occasionally I use. I actually loaned it out and got it stolen from and had to buy another one. This is actually a gift from a friend. It’s a power steamer 715. I don’t know how they can with the number, but it is for … Read more

Ladder Jack for Those High Places #shorts

Ladder Jack for Those High Places #shorts

Updated 1-25-23 Ladder Jack Hey, guys. This is a tool I use a lot. It’s called a Ladder Jack. It has adjustable slots where you can adjust the height. It hangs on the extension ladder, and then you can adjust it right here and here for different types as this is a little lower and … Read more

Folding Bench #shorts – Metal Stool

Updated 1-25-23 Folding bench for those short people. This is one of the many, many tools that we use. It’s easy to get along with very light weight and you lock it in, right there, another one on the other side it hold 225 lbs, but actually a whole lot more than that because I … Read more

Drywall T-Square #shorts

Drywall T-Square #shorts

Updated 1-25-23 How to use a drywall T Square. This is something I use whenever I want to make sure I’m getting dead on square, so called a T square. See the shape is meant for drywall, but you certainly can use it on other things than drywall. You set sheet would be laying on … Read more

Extendable Aluminum Walk-board #shorts

Short Tips and tricks By Straight Arrow Repair

Updated 1-25-23 Aluminum extendable walk-board. Guess what? I’d have a real nice. Very, very flexible. Walk-board. It squeezes down. To eight from eight foot and goes all the way up to 13 foot. And then you lock it in place here with this. But this has been great. You can put it on back of … Read more

Tile Adhesive and Trowel #shorts

Updated 1-23-23 Tile adhesive and trowel how to. Doing ceramic tile at home or a number of other things that you might adhesive to the wall. This is the type of glue that we use, and this is an inexpensive of trowel, and this is what the material looks like when you put it on … Read more

Temperature Gun #shorts

Updated 1-23-23 Temperature gun Here’s a real neat tool that I use quite often. It’s a temp gun. This is an inexpensive one. You can get it at Harbor Freight for $20, sometimes $15 It has Centigrade and Fahrenheit, the choice right here. And it has a laser which you can push right there, which … Read more

Key Chuck Tool For Tightening Your Drill Bits #shorts

Updated 1-22-23 Hey, guys, this is another little interesting tools called a key chuck. It’s to loosen a drill so that you can put a different sized bit in it. Do it one way or the other. And that allows you to do that. You’ll have to use a crescent wrench not crescent wrench, channel … Read more

Folding Razor Knife Get Double Use of Blades #shorts

Updated 1-22-23 Folding Razor Knife Get Double Use of Blades Hi, guys. As a repair man, I use a lot of knives and blades, or I use a particular type of blades. This is a folding razor knife, push button right here folds up, open it up and locks in automatically. But there’s a button … Read more