Rogers Remodel 8-8-18

Rogers, AR Repair Aug 2018 25

Here is all of the pictures and video for the moble home in Rogers, AR that we did. When the customer first contacted us all he wanted was to have the deck completed by the end of Aug. for a birthday party. After completing the deck the customer kept adding different jobs for use to … Read more

Mobile Home Metal Skirting install

Mobile Home Metal Skirting Install

Phil shows you how to install your metal skirting: How to install metal skirting on a mobile home. Phil walks you through the entire job, exactly how to do it. See the answer to any venting questions below. I will try to answer with the hope to be simple enough and understandable enough to help … Read more

Metal Roof Discussion Video

Workman's Roof 8

Hello Again Friends Discussions always come up about the advantages of metal to shingles. Hopefully you know the difference, but let’s look at this shingle roof. Lots and lots of individual components the three tab has three tabs, there’s multiple say hundreds and thousands of the pieces individual pieces. Each one has at least three … Read more

Mobile Home Doors vs Home Type Doors-Can Your Mobile Be Better?

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All those doors in a mobile home are quite often very, very fragile, and the jams on the outside edge are not like a house in they are made out of paneling. People get discouraged and say that oh this is just junk and you can’t do anything about it. That’s not true you can … Read more

Drywall Repair for Mobile Homes

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The Drywall if you have in a mobile home is normally 3/8ths inch thickness. So if you have to patch a hole in the drywall you will want to by 3/8ths thickness material. It’s much easier to finish the drywall if all surfaces are the same thickness, than if they are not.

Mobile Home Salesmen: Delivery and Signing means you take it AS IS

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When dealing with mobile home salesmen if it’s not in writing it’s not real. When you receive a mobile home don’t sign the paperwork that you have received the mobile home until all the complaints you have are taken care of. Frequently the paperwork you sign upon receiving the mobile home will state that you … Read more

Mobile Home Salesmen: Make Sure It’s In Writing

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Make sure it’s in writing: When talking to a mobile home salesman, no matter how nice they are, unless it’s in writing the promises are not real. They don’t have to deliver on the promises or guarantees that they give you unless you make sure you have it in writing. So anything that you get … Read more

When Buying A Mobile Home-Taking the Repairman

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When Buying a mobile home you might consider taking a mobile repairman with you to show the things that will need to be fix. That way you can negotiate the price: You can lower price You will know what you are up against when you get the mobile home to your site. Either way will … Read more