Using Pergo Flooring for Releveling

Using Pergo Flooring for Releveling #shorts

Using flooring to Relevel a trailer. Hey, as opposed to using sometimes wedges, oak wedges and things that might compress. I did find that this old pogo snap together floor, this stuff does not and I repeat, does not crush much at all. It’s already compressed as hard as it can be. So a lot … Read more

Rain or Shine Plumbing – Wet or Dry PVC Glue

Rain or Shine Plumbing - Wet or Dry PVC Glue

Hey, guys. This is a chemical we use a lot for PVC. It’s called rain or shine because you can put it in wet situation and you can put it on. It’s it’s done in blue. So, you know that blue have been used, but like a lot of times sewer lines are running water … Read more

Why Connect Your Deck To Mobile Home

Why Connect Your Deck To Mobile Home

Phil walks you through why you should always connect a deck to the mobile home. Between wind, weather, water damage, if you don’t connect the deck, you end up with a wobbly deck and major damage to that deck. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Why we hook the deck to the mobile home00:38 Some cities have ordinances about … Read more

Cheap Cotton Gloves for Work

Cheap Cotton Gloves

There’s something I use all the time when things get dirty, nasty, and I want to keep my hands from getting as nasty. I wear cotton gloves to preserve things. You can get a whole package of them at Lowe’s and Home Depot Harbor Freight, but kind of keeps you from getting as nasty. But … Read more

Why You Might Use OSB Instead of Drywall

Why You Might Use OSB Instead of Drywall

Phil shows how you can use OSB in the place of drywall. When you put the texture on, there’s no difference in looks. And if it is a rental house, OSB is much harder to break. OSB could be less than drywall. If it’s cheaper, use the OSB. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Follow along with a handyman00:11 What … Read more

Long Bending Wood Drill Bits #shorts

Long Bending Wood Drill Bits #shorts

Updated 4-12-22 Bending Augar Tip #tooltips Hi guys. This is something that I have several different sizes of these, they are about $35 apiece. So I wouldn’t say they’re cheap, but it has a augar tip on it, and it drills this size a hole. You can get them in way, way smaller. All of … Read more

Sprayers To Check for Leaks

Sprayers to Check for Leaks

Updated 4-13-22 You can use a cheap sprayer, and soapy water to find leaks. There’s something that we use a lot, both for air conditioning or any kind of propane or natural gas, checking for leaks. These little sprayers This one’s pretty small. We put a little bit of dishwashing liquid in just a little … Read more

Wis Snips

Wiss Snips

Updated 4-13-22 Something we use a lot for metal roofs, metal duct work and a lot of metal things lightweight metal. It is a pair of Wiss snips and this brand I like particular because it has more depth. Much more reliable for length of use. And it’s like Home Depot sells it and Lowe’s … Read more

Folding Bench #shorts – Metal Stool

Folding Bench #shorts - Metal Stool

Updated 4-12-22 This is one of the many, many tools that we use. It’s easy to get along with very light weight and you lock it in, right there, another one on the other side it hold 225 lbs, but actually a whole lot more than that because I weigh 260. So then you can … Read more

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