Wall Paper Steamer

Updated 1-25-23

Wall Paper Steamer

The kind of tool that occasionally I use. I actually loaned it out and got it stolen from and had to buy another one. This is actually a gift from a friend. It’s a power steamer 715. I don’t know how they can with the number, but it is for steaming off wallpaper and some paint. But mostly what I used for as wallpaper. And you put it in the container and let it run for about 20, 30 minutes and it’ll start steaming like you see behind us.

They gives you all those pictures about don’t do it above you, because it will drip on you burn you, don’t put it on your animal, don’t put on your kid, your wife and put on your own hand in case you can’t read at all. What you do is put it on here, let it heat up and then you can scrape it off. And in this case we can peel it off because it’s really thick but there’s a thing, there’s actually two layers on this particular job, so we’re able to peel this look real easy.

It’s not always that easy, but you take a scraper and scrape it off and then if you leave any fuzz, you got to heat it up again. And there you go. You’re good for about an hour and a half at a time.

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