How To Patch Holes In Masonite Siding

How To Patch Holes In Masonite Siding

A way to improve the look and cover over holes in Masonite siding. We’re putting PVC trim to cover the damage. That will prevent the animals from getting in while still staying with in the budget the customer has. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Follow along with a handyman00:25 Repair/cover holes on the Masonite siding with PVC trim00:55 Counter … Read more

How To Clean Roof Drip Edge

How To Clean Roof Drip Edge

We’re cleaning out the drip edge on a mobile home. Some call this a gutter, but it actually helps to hold the roof to the mobile home. We’re doing it to get ready to seal the roof, but it would be a good idea to either hire someone or clean them yourself about every year. … Read more

Oxiclean To Clean Deck without pressure washer

Oxiclean To Clean Deck without pressure washer

Oxiclean a deck, no need for pressure washing. Three, two, one. If you are look, down to yellow, and he’s still working on the handle, cleaning it all off. And then the deck. Everything’s turning yellow on the original pressure treatment was. And we’re going to try this thing called deck correct, which this is … Read more

How To Remove A Shower Stall

How To Remove A Shower Stall (1)

We’re removing an old mobile home shower stall. Same bathroom we have installed an American Bath Factory Sistine Stone Corner Shower Kit. We aren’t trying to save any of the material, just get it out. You can see getting the stuck shower head out of the wall how the drywall can break around it when … Read more

Metal Duct-work Insulation

Metal Ductwork Insulation

Updated 4-12-22 Metal Ductwork Insulation Here’s another thing that you can buy in a 75 foot long, four foot wide rolls as insulation that goes around metal ductwork. And that way you don’t have condensation and you don’t lose the heat or air conditioning to the outside elements, and that constant batttle. But we wrapped … Read more

Chalk Line my favorite brand

Updated 2-26-22 Phil’s favorite chalk line. A chalk box, believe or not, red plastic chalk box. The string is better than most. It is rated, and this is made in France. And this has been the best chalk box I’ve ever had. It’s not that France is a better than America. It’s well made.

Spraying Wooden Deck with Oxiclean

Spraying Deck with Oxiclean #shorts

Updated 4-10-22 Using Oxiclean to spray a deck clean. Now we’re spraying it. Whoever the director was. Didn’t care anything for rules.

Easy Way to Mix Small Batch of Mud or Thin Set

Easy Way to Mix Batch of Mud or Thin Set

Updated 2-27-22 Ealy Way to Mix Sm Batch of Mud or Thin Set This is a method we use with a battery power drill and a beater from like a kitchen. This case we’re mixing grout, but you can do fast mud, thin set for ceramic tile If you in small batches lets you get … Read more

Using Channel Locks

Using Channel Locks

Updated 4-13-22 Hi guys. This is a tool I use all the time this is an adjustable wrench for a lot of people called channel locks, because there’s channels like right here. You can adjust it to whatever. You can use this for a lot of things. Now, when you’re using channel locks, the direction … Read more

How To Take Nails Out of Trim

How to Take Nails Out of Trim

Updated 4-10-22 How to Take Nails out of Trim Hey guys. This something I run into occasionally, might be of help to you. We’re pulled trim off and we don’t want to damage it a whole lot. Say if we pulled nail through the front. It makes a hole and you have to calk it. … Read more

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