Complete House Repair

Complete Home Repair Before & After

We went into this house and had to clean it up, pull up the floors, repair the walls and do various other repairs. I have the start pictures and in the middle of the job… But my lovely husband didn’t get the completed pictures. I think that you can see how much we can get … Read more

Workman Floor Repair

Workman Floor Repair 10

The guys have been working on repairing and revamping a vacation home for a couple. This is a multistage project that we have been working on. Later this week I will be putting up some of the other stages of the job that we have completed. They have removed and completely replaced a floor in … Read more

Pamela House Roof

We have helped a woman to build a special house with minimal chemicals and to her specifications. The house is way out it the woods. The pitch of the roof is very dangerous. Here is the first set of pictures the guys did. They are doing the roof and adding to the hut/tent area that … Read more

Electricians and the Mobile Home

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Do not be discouraged by electricians or other repair trades, especially electricians, saying that they can’t work on mobile homes because the electricity is not the same. It is the same. It’s just that the electrical boxes are quite often very different in mobile homes but the electricity is the same.

Mobile Home Doors vs Home Type Doors-Can Your Mobile Be Better?

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All those doors in a mobile home are quite often very, very fragile, and the jams on the outside edge are not like a house in they are made out of paneling. People get discouraged and say that oh this is just junk and you can’t do anything about it. That’s not true you can … Read more

Drywall Repair for Mobile Homes

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The Drywall if you have in a mobile home is normally 3/8ths inch thickness. So if you have to patch a hole in the drywall you will want to by 3/8ths thickness material. It’s much easier to finish the drywall if all surfaces are the same thickness, than if they are not.

Rogers House Update-5th Blog Post

Rogers Kitchen 7

I have another update to the exciting Rogers house remodel. The guys have made amazing progress. They are finishing the walls getting the drywall ready to be finished and textured. The unfinished room that you are seeing is the kitchen, where they have taken out all of the walls and are re-leveling everything and replacing … Read more

How to Aviod Pesky Toilet and Bathroom Repair

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Ways to avoid expensive bathroom repairs. Probably be a good idea to take your toilet and put something between the tank and the wall, like a piece of wood. Because not only do people bump against the tank but they also have a tendency to lean against the tank when they are changing cloths. If … Read more

Update to the Rogers House-Drywall

Here are the updated pictures of the drywall, they have gotten most of it done, still need to finish the drywall. I’m always amazed at the progress that he makes when he takes on a project. You can see the other posts here: Rogers House Remodel Rogers House Update

Mobile Home Salesmen: Delivery and Signing means you take it AS IS

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When dealing with mobile home salesmen if it’s not in writing it’s not real. When you receive a mobile home don’t sign the paperwork that you have received the mobile home until all the complaints you have are taken care of. Frequently the paperwork you sign upon receiving the mobile home will state that you … Read more

Buying a Mobile Home: Checking the Ridge Beams

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The ridge beams are what holds the mobile home together and supports it when it’s moving down the road. They run along the bottom of the mobile home on both sides to support the floors and walls. Before you get ready to buying a mobile home you might want to check out the ridge beams, … Read more