Cost Of A Metal Roof

Cost Of A Metal Roof

Phil explains why he does metal roofs the way he does. The difference between what we charge and the average charge of metal roofs from people complaining how we do it. Our quality is just as good if not better. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Had some people complain about no slip sheets00:40 We did 3 roofs in … Read more

Metal Roofing Installation Advice

Metal Roofing Installation Advice

We really wouldn’t steer you wrong. You need to look at the motives of people. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 You don’t need slip sheets under the metal00:45 We’re not doing this because we make a bunch of money from you watching01:30 The people talking aren’t trying to help you out01:55 Follow us 🙏 Subscribe, 👍, it helps … Read more

Steep Metal Roof 2

Steep Metal Roof 2

Here’s the second part of this steep metal roof, scary as shit, but beautiful views. Here we are adding plastic to protect the inside as we work on the roof. This is a big job. 🙏 Subscribe, 👍, it helps a lot!!➤❓/ 💬:➤ Follow ➤➤I get a little for the channel-no charge for … Read more

Rain on a Metal Roof #shorts

Short Tips and tricks By Straight Arrow Repair

Updated 1-11-23 Comparing rain on a metal roof and what happens on a shingle roof 🙏 Subscribe, 👍, it helps a lot!!➤❓/ 💬:➤ Follow

How To Do Metal Roof Valley Foam Insulation – Metal Roof Valley Foam

How To Do Metal Roof Valley Foam Insulation - Metal Roof Valley Foam

Updated 1-11-23

Phil shows you how to install valley foam on a metal roof. Sorry about the sound quality, there is a transcript of what he’s saying.

00:00 You’ll want to put valley foam in, especially in snowy climates
00:23 Don’t unroll it until you’re ready to do the total area
00:39 Take the screws out and slide it under the edge of the metal in your valleys
01:00 Pulling the cover for the sticky side
01:30 Try to keep the tape low or you will cut it

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Probably would or should. There’s a lot of road noise, sorry. Should put valley foam in. Particularly when it snows, the water will go up that valley and go down underneath it, and will find a hole. This is valley foam. It comes in rolls as soon as you unroll this you need to prepare. It will continue to expand, and it expands to two and a half inches thick. So, it’s meant to grow to the odd the angles that you put these valleys on and fill these ribs up with foam. So, the trick is going to be take these screws out, about 16 inches back that you’ve already put in. The screws should be an inch or two away so that they don’t end up being in on the wrong side of the valley foam.

So, what you have got to do is take those screws out go to lift it up, and stick it underneath that edge. But uh, it’s a pain sometimes because you’ve got deep hooks on that edge, and slide it underneath there with the sticky side, which would be this side here and it turns into clear right there down underneath. And then you, we’ll show you how you can just pull it all off. As long as you keep it there. Under the roll there’s a little strip to help you could grab it, put that underneath there, and you want to keep it low or you’re going to end up cutting your, your peal off and you’ll have to reach under there and get it again. It’s kind of a pain, but just keep it low and ends up sticking like that. See that, I cut it so I have to reach under there and grab it anyway. Just keep peeling it up and then that will stay in place and you put your screws back in.

There you go.

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