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Replacing Rotted Masonite Siding

Updated 1-24-23

Phil and the guys are replacing masonite siding on a mobile home today.

00:00 Replacing the rotted masonite siding
00:13 Tried patching with Hardie board
00:29 The other side of the deck was totally rotted out
00:40 What we’re going to do
01:04 Add metal flashing
01:24 The siding isn’t easy to find
01:40 Use the z-channel to make it look like a decorative belt-line
02:30 People might want to see what we’re doing
02:40 Put flashing in, plastic over that
03:10 We’re hitting the budget the customer needs us to
03:32 We have put everything back
03:46 We’re sealing everything up and will repaint the house

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This position that we’re in. Position, position is to fix. The masonite, which is quite typical amongst a lot of mobile homes siding, somebody trying to patch it up with a Hardie board. And this works for a little bit, but we had to crawl under here and support this deck and jack it up. Maybe I’ll show you guys how I did that to keep it from pulling away from here? It’s fastened pretty good on that side. This site is totally rotted out and they probably have rotting on the inside and they’ve about decided to have me redo that because a renter is getting in over his head.

But thank God he wants to help. What we’re going to do is take this trim off. Try to save it, may not make it looks like this is already rotted and we’re going to cut the plywood there and through here all and we’ll probably go all the way to that window, maybe not all the way, but close. And then we’ll pull it all the way down. And then I told Tommy that I would put metal flashing because that’s his idea.

And then plastic and then put a Z channel which goes up underneath, comes out and then back over the wood that we’re going to put in here. By the way, the siding is not exactly easy to find there. It’s slightly different. So when we put that other Z channel and other siding in, we’ll put a strip over here to break it up and make it look like we meant to.

It was always meant to be that. So we’ll take a strip, probably about as wide as this and go over the top of the siding and that Z channel so you won’t see it. And look like a decorative beltline. And we have it on this deck and we have it on another small side over there. Same problems. The water came off, drop down, bounced against the siding, soaked in, rotted out.

The deck dropped uh was bouncing didn’t have a support in the middle. So, I didn’t exactly put it in the middle. I moved it toward the backside some and then I put some diagonal braces. So it wouldn’t fall down the hill. Kind of folds. Uh, we come a long ways already without even looking at it, but we’re fixing to open up and see how ugly things are.

Realized hey, we got some people would like to see what we’re doing, at least to criticize what we’re doing anyway. That we put flashing in because the customer wanted to put some flashing in through and then plastic over it, which I did not have before. We put Z channel, which is longer on the top, comes out and then comes back down. That way the water run down here won’t run inside, but we’re going to be putting the strip of wood over that, of course around this. We mark the. The where the wood is on the material.

I don’t want to call it wood. You’re not going to get any splinters. This is paper and you need to keep it sealed. But we’re hitting a budget that we don’t want to spend a fortune. Tearing this whole house apart and all the deck. We’re trying to hit this budget, and we’re going to do it as nicely as possible. So if you look, we’ve got already got on with that and We’ll take you along as we do the strips of wood, make it look, dress it up nice.

So we went ahead and tucked these back. This one had to be replaced. We cut another piece out of the same siding, and then we put a strip. Oh, we went to the window like we were plan to do, like it was. Meant to be that way. And we’re sealing everything up and we’re going to actually repaint this house. So we’ll be sealing all the cracks in the nails and something you should do with Masonite every couple of years check them all out, but we’ll seal everything when we fully paint.

So be sure you do that on yours. SEAL all the nails and, in our case, we used screws and it’ll end up looking much better for what you have.

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