Happy New Year’s Wishes From Our Family to Your’s

Updated 1-10-23 Happy New Years from our family to your’s Now is the time to look back and see what all you have accomplished and plan what’s ahead for this year. I hope today finds everyone happy and looking ahead to the future adventures that life brings to you.

Remodeling the Rogers, AR House Start

Rogers house Roof 3

Updated 1-8-23 A lot of the jobs that we take on end up being long-term jobs, especially large ones. We try to work with people budget wise, and also will do project in stages. The Rogers, AR house is one of those projects. The first stage of the project was started back in the Spring … Read more

Snow in NW AR

Snow and Greenhouse picts 040

Updated 1-8-23 I thought I would post some pictures of the snow we had and I took some pictures about a week later. It has had school out for over a week, and everything frozen over in the Rogers, AR area. I’m amazed and wondering about this, since in this area we rarely have bad … Read more

Mobile Home Salesmen: Delivery and Signing means you take it AS IS

Updated 1-8-23 When dealing with mobile home salesmen, if it’s not in writing, it’s not real. When you receive a mobile home, don’t sign the paperwork that you have received the mobile home until all your complaints are fixed. Frequently, the paperwork you sign upon receiving the mobile home will state that you accept the … Read more

Greenhouse Update

Start of the greenhouse 15

Updated 1-8-23 Here’s the update to my greenhouse…Phil has been working on it in the morning before leaving for the job site. The amazing part of this greenhouse is he has up-cycled and re-purposed all the materials for the project. And here is the inside of the greenhouse several days later. He’s got about a … Read more

Buying a Mobile Home: Checking the Ridge Beams

Updated 1-8-23 The ridge beams hold the mobile home together and support it when it’s moving down the road. They run along the bottom of the mobile home on both sides to support the floors and walls. Before you get ready to buy a mobile home, check out the ridge beams. The beam is 2×6 … Read more

Mobile Home Salesmen: Make Sure It’s In Writing

Updated 1-8-23 Make sure it’s in writing:

Building the Greenhouse

Start of the greenhouse 21

Updated 1-8-23

We start the greenhouse for the new business Fool For Flowers on Thanksgiving Day. It’s amazing how much Phil can get done in so little time…lol, especially handicapped by me trying to help him.

This greenhouse is being built with all recycled-up-cycled materials he has collected since I started talking about wanting to have a greenhouse.

We planned on creating a cold frame that would run along the front of the greenhouse, but we had 3 of our big windows shattered, so we have to hold off on the cold frames.

My husband amazes me, and this is my chance to brag on him, he got all of that done in about 4 hours even with me all in his way.

I also messed around trying to clean up the weeds and make paths so I can get to all of my areas.

I will have updates with pictures as we get things finished.

When Buying A Mobile Home-Taking the Repairman

Updated 1-8-23 When Buying a mobile home you might take a mobile repairman with you to show the things that will need to be fixed. That way, you can negotiate the price: Either way will help you have an honest estimation of the total cost of getting your new home livable.

Who We Are

Updated 1-8-23 I thought I would let you know who we are and what this blog will talk about. Phil Bridges: This is Phil…the brains, and what makes Straight Arrow tick. My husband has been working construction and repair since he was a child working with his Father and uncle’s company’s. Phil has done both … Read more

Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs, AR

Updated 1-8-23 flexoffers It’s diversity weekend in Eureka Springs this weekend. So for all of the locals that live alternatively have a great time.

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