Floor Repair Water Damage From Below

Floor Repair Water Damage From Below

Updated 1-12-23

How to repair a floor from water damage below

Hi guys, we were repairing a floor and got wet from underneath it. The line busted, sprayed up on the floor and they wanted us to pull the carpet back and see if we could save it and put new floor in. So this is what it looks like to begin with. We got some big old soft spots right here and a couple over in here, but.

Usually the factory will pull this carpet over the top of the floor and then staple it from the sides, set the walls on top of it, so we’ll probably have to cut the carpet and then peel it back. Lots of fun.

Well, I was wrong. That’s another reason to not think of me as perfect. But they did have a tack strip and we pulled it up. So that we can cut and put in the old particleboard and put in plywood.

The damage is also in this area here, and they’re probably not going to get away with having to put in. Tile or linoleum.

So what they paid us to do is to replace this area because it got wet from underneath. That’s what we’re going to.

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