Ceramic Tile Backsplash Huntsville, AR

Huntsville Tile Backsplash 12

This job is improving on an older mobile home. We put a ceramic tile backsplash in both the kitchen and bathroom of the trailer. In the bathroom, we rearranged the lighting and spruced it up. The trailer is one that we have been sprucing up for the couple for over a year. We do the … Read more

Bathroom Floor Repair

After 3

Updated 1-8-23 This job was a floor repair on a small mobile home second bathroom. The floor had started to fall through by the shower and toilet. Here are the before pictures: And the after:

How to Aviod Pesky Toilet and Bathroom Repair

Updated 1-8-23 Ways to avoid expensive bathroom repairs. Probably be a good idea to take your toilet and put something between the tank and the wall, like a piece of wood. Because not only do people bump against the tank but they also have a tendency to lean against the tank when they are changing … Read more

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