Metal Roof Installing Foam And Ridge Cap

Metal Roof Installing Foam And Ridge Cap

Phil walks you through how to measure for your foam and install the ridge cap for a metal roof. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Need to measure for the ridge cap and foam00:50 Make a mark from the peak and pop a line01:05 Put your foam on the chalk line02:38 The ridge cap02:50 How you want to lap … Read more

How to install Metal Roof Ridge Caps

How to install Metal Roof Ridge Caps

Updated 1-11-23

This shows you exactly how to install metal roof ridge caps. Phil walks you through each job step-by-step so you can work on your own roof.

How to DIY the metal ridge caps on a large metal roof. We will put the entire video together.

00:00 Start of Ridge Cap
00:23 How to lap your Ridge Cap over-want to lap away from the drive way
01:00 Popping a line and adding your foam, goes above the line
01:40 Want to avoid the driving rain
03:42 Putting down the Ridge Cap
04:30 Why you want to tack each side of the ridge cap and then do the middle
05:00 Want to screw every other rib

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Your ridge cap can be a lot of different sizes a lot of different widths, you can get used to have a really wide and this is actually 12 inches across 12 and a quarter 12 and a half. So I’m gonna choose to go five and a half inches, both sides to pop my lines, and then we’re gonna put foam on those lines.

And I’ll show you that.

But one of the things that comes up with the ridge cap is when you lap it over. If he pulled his driveway he’s pulling up this way, you don’t want that lap to be very visible. So like a vinyl siding. So you’re trying to make this side lap over that and you don’t see it as anything but uniform.

So that’s what we did. On this one, the traffic is all over there, and the laps are visible from this direction Not that. So that’s what you need to keep in mind, and we’ll show you what we’re gonna do is really pop their lines measured five and a half from each way on the peak.

And this is where the foam closure is gonna go. And it will go above the linethe foam closure is meant to go over.that line It has sticky stuff to hold it in place. And you can get it without being sticky. If you want to put it in after the fact. After you put the ridge on, it’s kind of hard to deal with that right now also have a closure that breathes like a vent if you had a vent up here, they can breathe in and out and still keep the water out.

So what we’re trying to do is make sure that the water doesn’t get in by driving rain So it has a male female connection there. And then recall above our chalk line be so hot that this stuff would slide down the roof. There was nothing that would as a rule, I don’t get to get to terrible far ahead. Unless I think the weather’s gonna be clear.

Because wind could make a mess and blow your stuff on I am a gambler. when it comes to this gonna put right over that they won’t be able to see the ridge cap. Although I can make a decorative end There you go. We’ll break away to show you how we put down the ridge cap This is a 12 inch you can change the angles the pitch when you order.

Basically relying on my foam to kind of push me where I need to be. It’s telling me Hey, I need to be a little bit.past I’m gonna screw through into the rib I don’t usually bother with this because I am going to put rake over that don’t need another thing to be in the way and I go to the other end.

You try to work it from that side. You’ll end up twisting around on it and it’ll be a battle he’ll take it back and back and forth apart so I don’t do that. And then I do it every other rib from there believe me I’ve never had one blow off.

If you scratch this stuff, they got like a nail polish bottle in the color that you have to ask your supplier don’t like these screws them but here I am using these have kinda got a self drilling tip on them and they wobble a lot There you go, we just decide what direction you want screw off every other one.

And your ridge cap is on no water is going to blow up over and get up in the peak and then leak down whatever screw it wants to on the bottom. Every time somebody says hey, I got a metal roof but my roof is leaking.

So we’re at you know, and generally is hit by a roof vent that’s not been sealed in years because I figured once I got a shingle or a metal roof, they don’t ever have to do any maintenance but you do.

But the classic one is where they decide not to put the closure in and therefore the wind drives that water up and goes over that and then goes down the metal through whatever hole it finds.

So it’s good to put the closure even though it’s got a shingle roof below it.

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