How to Build a Budget Deck Cover for Your Home, Mobile Home, and Building

Updated 1-12-23

Phil shows you one of the ways you can build a budget deck cover. We adjusted the original measurements by 3/4″ to save the customer on materials cost.

00:00 Build a cover over the current deck you have
00:40 Measuring for wider than the deck
00:55 Want to do a wood layout after you buy your materials
01:20 What you want to do to support the weight of the cover
02:20 Add wood supports and how many screws you want to support the cover
02:48 Placed the layout on the trailer home
03:26 Putting the supports on the deck handrails
03:45 How many inches of fall for the deck cover
04:12 Installed the 3 layouts for the cover
04:25 How to install the 2×6’s and check for level
04:46 Installed the 2×6’s how you need to secure and level each
05:50 Put the 1×4’s on top want 1.5″ screws to go through the material
06:20 Cut the extra off the boards and put the metal on the top
06:32 After, the cover with the metal installed

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