How To Layout A Deck

How To Layout A Deck

Phil shows you how to lay out a wooden deck, and how to adjust for your board widths. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:22 You want to account for board width01:00 Deck layout and how to measure/mark01:10 Using 16″ centers instead of 20″04:30 Measure twice, cut once06:20 Layout is complete06:32 follow us ? Subscribe, ?, it helps a lot!!➤❓/ … Read more

Allow For Board Width on a Deck #Shorts

Allow For Board Width on a Deck #Shorts

Now, when it comes to building a 12×12 with a dress upside, and the covered sides. You have to allow that in reality in a three and an eighth, three and a quarter smaller, because boards are inch and a half, inch and three quarters. So, it be 3 1/8, 3 1/8, it’d be 6 … Read more

Repairing a Mobile Home Deck

Repairing a Mobile Home Deck

Updated 4-3-23 Phil is working to repair and improve a deck. They walk you through the job step-by-step. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 You missed us moving the rafters they had up for support00:30 Doing straight rails today00:54 Measured between the 2 4×4’s01:50 He set the pole off to the side so he could set the support02:55 Phil’s been … Read more

Deck Installation – Gazebo Deck

Deck Installation - Gazebo Deck

Updated 1-12-23

Building a deck for a gazebo

00:00 What we’re doing on this job
00:16 Estimating a job, don’t forget this
01:23 You want to account for board width
01:55 Deck layout and how to measure/mark
02:05 Using 16″ centers instead of 20″
05:26 Measure twice, cut once
07:20 Layout is complete
07:45 Secured it to the fence
08:12 Why we laid the deck out the way we did
08:45 Who knew Phil spent all day screwing off, literally
09:10 Finished deck

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Gazebo on, We’re going to have a wood walkway out here in this beautiful little yard. Take you through it step by step. The first thing that I had to learn when I started out in the business was really not estimating. Of course, that. Is a part of it. You sit down, break down how much you’re going to have, allow 10%. But one of the fatal mistakes that I made. Early on, over and over again. Is I would forget the time that it took to go get the materials, that is.

Load up a trailer, air up the tires. Driving the town. Go in there, load up all those materials, put them on the trailer, strap it all down and bring it back. Walk it into the places you’re working on. So whenever you’re doing it, say if you’re doing it for somebody or if you’re doing it for yourself, you need to allow that much time.

There’s probably an hour and a half altogether moving it around. So but other times you got to go another hour to the job, sometimes 2 hours. You might have five, 6 hours with two guys, three guys you have all that time. So, you need to be careful.

Now, when it comes to building a 12×12 with a dress upside, and the covered sides. You have to allow that in reality in a three and an eighth, three and a quarter smaller, because boards are inch and a half, inch and three quarters. So, it be 3 1/8, 3 1/8, it’d be 6 1/4” smaller than 12’ is what we’re going to cut the runners, keep in mind when you’re doing it yourself.

So, you got to allow for the outside. This is going to have the frame and then it’s going to have a dress up board to cover the ends around it to dress up nice.

I have the boards running this way. So I have to make the framework go this way instead of go two-foot center, we’re doing 16” centers, which is a little more cost for a lot more strength. So here we are. You’ve got to remember to allow for the wrap around it. And that’s going to be three inches. But let’s say that I’m going to have the board going.

This way first. So, I allow an inch and half past to the outside and center of the first one would be 16. If you notice, I have both sides. So, they’re both prepared at the same time. That’s the center. So if the board is inch and half, it would be three quarters back, then inch and half is the width. So now we’re dead center and we’re on 16 inch.

And then from that point, I mark an X right here when I go 16 inches from the side with the same. Center to center and side to side. And then I mark which side it goes. 16 and 32, 48, 54, 80, 96, 112, 128. So go back an inch and half, then I got to allow for all said and done.

Six and eight. So, inch and half, and four and five-eighths. Okay. Cut that part off. Measure twice, cut once. Now if you notice, I made these marks. I have. This speed square here, I can. Do both at the same time. You deal with a framing square the same. And a plastic one works just as good. It’s just not quite fancy. Not quite as professional. It will work. I’m marking where the stud goes. And they can see it.

All right. There it is. We’re going to start setting it all up.

All right. What we did was. Everything’s on 16-inch centers. Like I said, probably cost $15 more to do it on 16-inch centers as opposed to two foot, just for revenues in making it look pretty. So the edges are going to show and I want it to be uniform. So I put this board behind there. He wanted it fastened against the or up against the fence.

And then we put all kinds of supports underneath this so that it won’t bounce when we put the wood on it. And you see, there’s a lot of bricks around because we don’t have beams to support. So we’re ready to now start laying the boards across on with a space of the thickness of a pencil and why we’re laying it this way instead of this way, because I figured he’d be looking for the living room and see in that will look longer with the floor joists I mean the floor cover going this way, whereas it went this way, it kind of looks shorter.

But also we’re going to have the walkway boards going this way also. So I kind of look all uniform and big from the living room. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re building this to have a ten foot by ten-foot metal good metal gazebo and everything’s done with screws.

It’s like I was telling you he was saying, It’s the proof that I screw off all day long doing. Three screws per. Trying to keep the gap pretty even in. Usually this tightens it up, big time. But we’re coming together. I’ll show you some pictures as we go along.

This deck yesterday, but people were playing on it as quick as we got finished. But this is the finished product. He has a dress up board on the outside, all the more discreet off.

We had a little runner to the steps, but here it is. This is what they’re going to have for a gazebo that’ll be on another video.

Outdoor Deck Wooden Deck 8-8-18

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We started with a custom deck for this customer, but the more he saw our work the more he added onto the job. We have done: Large Wooden Deck, Metal Roof, Skirting, and privacy fence. When we first started, he said he would be thrilled if we could only have the deck completed by the … Read more

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