How to build an 8’x10′ Deck for your home, mobile home, or building

How to build an 8'x10' Deck for your home, mobile home, or building

Updated 1-12-23

How to build a budget deck on your home, mobile home or building. We walk you through step-by-step how to build a diy deck.

This deck is 8×10 but you can change to fit the needs of your diy project.

00:00 How to layout the deck
00:45 We’ll cut to frame up the deck and fastening it to the wall
01:06 Framed up wooden deck
01:46 Attaching the deck to Mobile home frame
03:00 Bracing up the wooden deck frame
03:20 How you could set the deck frame by yourself
03:30 Want to level/adjust the frame and the put 8″ lag bolts with washers
04:00 How they are going to secure the deck
04:15 Using an Electric Impact from Harbor Freight
05:00 Adding blocks and 4×4 to secure
06:05 Cut 4x4s to 36″

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