What’s Hiding Under The Linoleum Floor

You never know how much damage could actually be hidden under the linoleum or tile floor. Especially in a mobile home.

00:00 Intro
00:12 When you pull the linoleum back
00:40 Looks like the toilet leaked regularly
01:10 Bathroom sink and cabinets are fine

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Beneath that linoleum. This is what I look like. We have not broken anything down. This is what it looked like. And then it’s soaked all the way over here and all the way over there and kind of through here.

They’re using the shower. So on the edges of the shower or over here, it’s been leaking down in there, but it’s looking like the toilet leaked for a regular basis. But we will open it up and see if we’ve got a water spray in somewhere. But this is really, really wet and it there’s no damage on that. So it can’t be like running off and then hitting that.

It’s got to be that the toilet was leaking. There’s no leaks inside here, that we found the floor in here. It’s pretty solid, actually. I don’t know how. So there’s no leaks on the water lines are not wet. The drains are not showing any kind of a leak, but it’s as wet as it can be. I assume that since this was the only toilet that he was using.

That’s what it is. So we’re going to tear all this out, see if we can find something else. But I’ll bet it’s the toilet just hitting that, and soaking around and we can wicking back like toilet paper.

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