Cost Of A Metal Roof

Phil explains why he does metal roofs the way he does. The difference between what we charge and the average charge of metal roofs from people complaining how we do it. Our quality is just as good if not better.

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00:12 Had some people complain about no slip sheets
00:40 We did 3 roofs in Florida 23 years ago, they are fine
01:05 What we charge a sq ft for metal roof vs. what the average price is
01:25 You can do this yourself
01:45 All the maintenance
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Here’s the metal roof. I’ve had some people, one guy say something, about he had a roof that in Florida that it didn’t have the slip sheets. Which is just paper, sort of and said it got scratched and it rusted and he’s got videos to show it. But I’m going to suggest to you guys that I also did three roofs in Florida. Which two of them I’ve called up and said hey how are they doing.

Just since that guy said that. They’re all doing fine.

That’s like 23 years ago. I’ve not had any issues in 26 years. This is a metal roof to fit somebody’s budget and I know what’s irritating a lot of these guys that are watching these videos and this I’m going to put it out there: This roof I’m doing for $3 a square foot. The average price for a metal roof is 10 to $15 a square foot. I’m making money. Good money.

Imagine how much more money they’re making. So, look at this, you can do it yourself. So I’ve actually done one by myself several times just means a lot more ladder up and down. You don’t want to choose to be on a windy day and this is good.

The color got a 40 year warranty on the metal, on the color. A limited warranted. And then you might know how long a metal roof lasts. The only maintenance you have are the vents. You’ll have to maintain the tar. I mean come up every two or three years and make sure that there’s no more new cracks, that you don’t need to fill in and in this case, you got dead trees that might fall and hit it all around. But this is the way to go. This will outlast shingles by a long, long ways. This had two layers of shingles and the last layer was 20 plus. It might have been more I don’t know, but it was leaking. So this is the way to go.

I promise you. This is you can do it yourself because you’re an American, not American’t.

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