How To Layout A Deck

Phil shows you how to lay out a wooden deck, and how to adjust for your board widths.

00:00 Intro
00:22 You want to account for board width
01:00 Deck layout and how to measure/mark
01:10 Using 16″ centers instead of 20″
04:30 Measure twice, cut once
06:20 Layout is complete
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Now, when it comes to building a 12×12 with a dress upside, and the covered sides. You have to allow that in reality in a three and an eighth, three and a quarter smaller, because boards are inch and a half, inch and three quarters. So, it be 3 1/8, 3 1/8, it’d be 6 1/4” smaller than 12’ is what we’re going to cut the runners, keep in mind when you’re doing it yourself.

So, you got to allow for the outside. This is going to have the frame and then it’s going to have a dress up board to cover the ends around it to dress up nice.

I have the boards running this way. So, I have to make the framework go this way instead of go two foot center, we’re doing 16” centers, which is a little more cost for a lot more strength.

So here we are. You’ve got to remember to allow for the wrap around it. And that’s going to be three inches. But let’s say that I’m going to have the board going this way first. So, I allow an inch and half past to the outside and center of the first one would be 16.

If you notice, I have both sides. So, they’re both prepared at the same time. That’s the center. So, if the board is inch and half, it would be three quarters back, then inch and half is the width. So now we’re dead center and we’re on 16 inches. And then from that point, I mark an X right here when I go 16 inches from the side with the same. Center to center and side to side. And then I mark which side it goes 16 and 32, 48, 54, 80, 96, 112, 128.

So go back an inch and half, then I got to allow for all said and done six and eighth. So, inch and half, and four and five-eighths. Okay. Cut that part off. Measure twice, cut once.
Now if you notice, I made these marks. I have this speed square here. I can do both at the same time. You deal with a framing square the same. And a plastic one works just as good. It’s just not quite fancy, not quite as professional. It will work. I’m marking where the stud goes. And they can see it. All right. There it is.

We’re going to start setting it all up. All right. What we did was everything’s on 16-inch centers. Like I said, probably cost $15 more.

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