Oak Wedges for Releveling #shorts

Oak Wedges for Releveling #shorts

Hey, guys, I’m getting ready to go under house and or other buildings and use wedges to get that final little bit of adjustment. The difference between the wedges I use and most wedges is these are made up oak so that whenever the weight gets on it, it doesn’t crush I don’t lose what … Read more

Releveling Mobile Home 2020

Releveling Mobile Home 2020

Phil walks you through another mobile home relevel. Links to how to make a water level: ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 We’ll bring you along for as long as our battery holds up00:13 Looking at the re-level trailer01:15 Jacks we carry in the trailer01:45 Need to get dressed and set up the water level02:16 What was most alarming to … Read more

Leveling Mobile Home – Relevel on a Doublewide Mobile Home

Leveling Mobile Home - Relevel on a Doublewide Mobile Home

How to do a relevel on a double-wide mobile home. Phil shows what we had to do on this home. We always use 20-ton jacks. Never tiny jacks, you want the power behind you. When you are re-leveling a house, you want to make sure the jacks and piers all stay level. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Under a … Read more

How To Use A Water Level To Level A Mobile Home, Home, or Building – Setting Up a Water Level


Clay starts this off with showing you exactly how to set up the water level, adding colored water so you can tell when the double-wide is out of level. The water level can check any building, home or mobile home to see how far out of level it is. Then you can decide how, where … Read more

How to Use a Water Level to Re level A House

Water Level To Relevel House

Phil shows you how to use a water level to get ready to re-level a house. Something this dangerous you want to carefully prepair.

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