Metal Roof Installing Foam And Ridge Cap

Phil walks you through how to measure for your foam and install the ridge cap for a metal roof.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Need to measure for the ridge cap and foam
00:50 Make a mark from the peak and pop a line
01:05 Put your foam on the chalk line
02:38 The ridge cap
02:50 How you want to lap over the ridge cap
03:30 You want to screw down both ends first
03:50 That way you keep everything square
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We’ve been dodging in and out between rain pretty much kept everything dry. And had no leaves. It had leaves before and it has no leaves now. We’re going to put the ridge cap back on. In order to do that the ridge cap in this case, is 11 inches wide. That’s basically the ridge, you can get them as wide as you want, actually. This is 11 inches wide that would be five and a half from center to center. But I generally go five because I don’t want my foam right on the very outside edges.

So, what I’ll do is mark on the peak. Don’t make pay attention to the metal and I’ll measure 5” on each side make a mark on the rib and then top line on both sides and then we’ll show you putting the foam on.

See we’re putting the foam on the chalk line that we made. It’s ah, what you would call closure. This is over closuer, and they make a foam closer that goes under also. But we don’t have any use for that.

It has a female side and a male side. So this is actually has sticky on the bottom. So it’ll set in place. The wind won’t blow it away, you can get it without the sticky. Say if you’re doing the ridge cap and you want to tuck it under as you go. We’re not doing that. We use the sticky and this is the stay uphill side of the line. I’m going to try to do both sides at the same time. So, all thinking for there. This keeps the driving rain from pushing up that ridge cap, once it’s fastened and snow from building up and then getting underneath. And then getting underneath here.

The roof is fairly deep anyway, but we’re not counting on anything as far as the metal we’re just using the shingles, we’re putting the metal and using the shingles as a vapor barrier, anyway. That we’ll show you when we get ready to put the ridge cap.

The ridge cap, so you want to lay on top of and be even a little beyond your foam for that stick out, and you’re going to screw into the ridges.

Now the way you lap over depends on what the highest visibility is. So everybody’s looking this way. You want to cover over this direction. If you go under, they have a tendency to see that edge same with vinyl siding and so on, so on. So we’re going to.

We think that most of the parking and driving is going to be over there, although this is so high nobody will ever see. We’re going to lap it over like this. It’s a line of vision to see that gap.

What I do, I lap over a couple inches anyway, sometimes more than that. Then I screw into the first rib and I go down to the other end. Screw it down.

That way, as I work it this way, it doesn’t walk one way or the other, all right? Then screw every other rib. You don’t have to do everyone if you want to. You can, but you don’t have to.

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