Water Level

Hey, guys. This is a, what I have made is a water level. It’s made from PVC adapter and then a test plug to keep it solid bottom, and then a barbed fitting coming out of here and then silicone here. And then with 50 foot of, of the three eighths line. Then I put colored water inside here, make sure no air bubbles are in it and I can go 50 foot radius, which would be a hundred foot from one point to another.

That usually lets me level up anything that might crawl underneath a house or such. So I set what I want put the level up to the water where I where it is and then I can go with it’ll be the same on the other end of that water level. So the other end in this case doesn’t have water in it because we’re going to set it up no matter how far away is going to be.

Water will seek its level as long as there’s no air bubbles. So this is something I’ll show you guys more about how to make it. And in the meantime, this is a real inexpensive water level.

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