Water Level

Water Level #shorts

Hey, guys. This is a, what I have made is a water level. It’s made from PVC adapter and then a test plug to keep it solid bottom, and then a barbed fitting coming out of here and then silicone here. And then with 50 foot of, of the three eighths line. Then I put … Read more

How To Use A Water Level To Level A Mobile Home, Home, or Building – Setting Up a Water Level


Clay starts this off with showing you exactly how to set up the water level, adding colored water so you can tell when the double-wide is out of level. The water level can check any building, home or mobile home to see how far out of level it is. Then you can decide how, where … Read more

How to Use a Water Level to Re level A House

Water Level To Relevel House

Phil shows you how to use a water level to get ready to re-level a house. Something this dangerous you want to carefully prepair.

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