Update to the Remodel of Rogers House

Here are the updated pictures of the Roger’s house job. These are the improvements the have completed, these pictures were taken about 4 weeks after they had started the job.

With this being a long term job, we do it in between all the other jobs we have for customers. We have been working on this job when the weather is bad, or we have openings in our schedule. The Roger’s house isn’t a rush job, it’s a long-term so, we are taking our time in completing the work with the home owners approval.

The first post on the Rogers house can be found at Rogers.

Here are the updated pictures, I will have one more post to do to catch up with this job.

As you can see they have finished:

  • the wiring
  • most of the metal stud in the drop ceiling
  • Insulated the ceiling
  • Completed the utility repair and bathroom, they need to finish the drywall

Started completing:

  • the dry wall on the walls, and the drop ceiling
  • Framed the closets, moved the attic access
  • Hung drywall on some of the walls
  • Have started the kitchen repair

That’s all of the update for now, I will have more later.

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