Remodeling the Rogers, AR House Start

A lot of the jobs that we take on end up being long term jobs, especially large ones.

We try to work with people budget wise, and also will do project in stages. The Rogers house is one of those projects.

The first stage of the project was started back in the Spring of this year. We went in and cleaned up the trash from the people who had lived in the house for the owner. Can you say hoarders….we removed more than 4 (40 yard) industrial sized dumpsters of trash from the house and 2 story garage.

Now we are going through and redoing the whole house. I will be posting updates as we get things done….which by the way I’m behind on. My fault, lol Phil has given me the pictures I just have been behind posting.

So far we have:

  • Re-leveled the house, had to jack up the foundation in a couple places and added some piers.
  • Repaired all the vinyl siding
  • Re did the soffit and facia
  • Replaced all the water supply lines into and through out the house
  • Installed all new sewer lines.
  • Relocated and installed a new water heater.
  • Took all the acoustical celling out, made the celling 7’6″ high
  • Went up and made sure all the wiring was done correctly
  • Utility room had to take it all out and replace everything right down to the dirt, all the walls, ceiling and floors and the sub-floor the joists.
  • Redid all the electrical in the bathroom and utility room
  • Took out all the plumbing fixtures and rearrange the layout, moved the door, installed all new tub, sink, new drywall, insulated the bathroom for sound, hung drywall on the celling
  • Living room and dining room we have removed all the paneling from the walls.
  • Ran electrical line to the garage and hooked it to the panel.
  • Re did all the gas line
  • Gutted the kitchen, which had 4 layers: plaster, masonite, paneling and drywall.

Any whooo…here are the first pictures:

The phase of the job is a lowered metal stud ceiling with 14″ soffit  all the way around each room. We also installed the light wiring in the center of the room to support fans, hung drywall on all of it, made the walls, built closets in both bedrooms, moved the attic access to one of the closets, put corner bead on everything and am finishing the drywall.


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