How to Change Vinyl to Metal Skirting for a Mobile Home or Building

Updated 1-22-23

Metal Skirting the guys are installing skirting on a mobile home. They are replacing the vinyl with metal. Your vinyl skirting will last around 5 years and then will have little holes from weed eaters and chemicals.

They make metal skirting from the same metal that you use for your roof.

00:00 Replacing vinyl skirting with metal skirting
00:14 Why you would want to change them out.
00:42 First want to pull off the top trim
02:06 Starting the metal
03:13 You can fold the metal to create your corners
04:15 Pushing the metal tight, and once screwed down, the wind doesn’t blow it out
04:45 When cutting metal, use your bottom for changes in the ground height.
05:05 Reason you want to level from the bottom
05:45 Cutting for a gas line
07:57 Cutting corner trim and installing it
09:10 When ordering material, always make sure you have extra

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Today we are going to be taking off the old vinyl skirting. It’s pretty good shape back here. But all along the bottom, there’s holes in it. And we actually put it together for him offered a better solution. And about every five years about all you’re going to get out and start getting all kinds of little holes where the weed eater hit them lawnmower, even chemicals will make it have holes.

So first thing we do is pull off the top trim, unfastened this case. It was so high that they put metal behind it, which you’ll see later. And they screw the top and bottom is still blowing out.

We’re gonna make it better.

Notice there’s a screws right here, little screws on the bottom. So that’s what they did to keep it from blowing out all the time, replacing that plastic with the metal, which the profile is like that it’s basically the same metal who put on the metal roof and it won’t blow out.

I mean, it has to have a high, high wind, and this is what they put in to support the skirting and keep it from bending.

And then as it bends, it blows out the screws in the bottom screws in the top. And they put this to keep it from going out because if you don’t look as it is the plastic material is, anyway.

So what I’ve done is take that off. And then I measured in this case somebody put plastic to keep it from halving to weed eat so much measure to the bottom of that bottom rail.

And I don’t want to go on tight because they won’t be able to get it in, so I went to about less than 60 inches. So I cut my piece of metal to fit in here. And because on this particular job, we’ve got corners, I didn’t go all the way out to the corners because the corners aren’t covered.

But you could literally take this and bend it right here: one rib wrap around, you’d have to cut a little knife around the corner, then your corner would be there, you wouldn’t have to pay for it.

But we’re going to make some kind of match the roof So and I slip it in the top and the back of the bottom rail is higher than the front if you put it right across the top of the front of the bottom rail will give me that level.


Push it down tight so it’s gonna be hard pressed for the wind to blow it out. And we’ll fasten that there let me have my screw gun right there on the ground reason that we level it was mentioned to me I should explain there’s another video, it’s like an hour and a half long, you’ll see every little detail but the reason we level that is if you don’t have a level nothing will be easy to measure to anyone saying the same now we measured this point here, and i made my marks here Here, I have a T square for drywall you can use anything straight like a four foot level. Straight across the top.

What I did was measure over to the center of it and then it’s an inch and a quarter. So by giving just a little bit of room, every quarter all the way around. I can either split it from here and cut across here.

But it’s tough to do. But it can’t be done. There we go. Makes a big difference.

Nothing’s exactly right, the new bottom will be up and down so much at once. So we’re going to do pull it over and see how that big gap it is. And then we’ll pull it back over like so get it in the bottom, slide it in and then back over. So the end result and still take a little bit of a gap there.

This sides fifty seven that one 60 here so I got 10 foot rake and corner should be able to get two out of this back within the that’s it.

We’ll put a couple screws in that. And that’s what it’ll look like. Because the material you’re ordering it you don’t want too little you want more than enough to make a mistake got it. No, that was pretty as I would do it this pretty way better not gonna blow out. Not gonna grow

Alternative to Vinyl Skirting on Mobile Home

Alternative to Vinyl Skirting on mobile home

Updated 1-22-23

Need an alternative to vinyl skirting? Phil shows you how to use metal siding.

And here’s the link to the other video

00:00 Showing an alternative to vinyl skirting
00:30 Can use metal skirting-metal roof panels in place
01:00 Pull off the top front
01:20 Be careful in the cold, the vinyl will snap
01:45 Start measuring at the front, leave room for the top front will cover a lot
02:20 Start cutting your metal
03:30 Snap in the metal, make sure you’re level-screw it in
04:40 Want to lap over your next panel
05:00 Cutting out the air conditioner lines, cut your sheet
05:30 Want to cut with a razor knife near a rib
06:15 Cutting for lap over on metal skirting
07:00 Cutting the other side of skirting
07:55 Install metal skirting shows what they have completed
08:20 Shows exactly how to install around the AC
08:43 Putting the panel together
09:00 This makes it to where if someone needs to work on the area, just unscrew and go
09:15 Each panel is its own access port
09:40 Close up of the ribs-that’s your venting
10:40 Anywhere you have wires, things to go through just need to notch the top front
10:55 Want to use the muscle in the legs to snap in the top front
11:30 Difference in ground, that’s why you measure from a line behind the top front to the ground
11:55 The metal skirting is resistant to damage.
13:05 Great replacement for concrete board
13:35 Video he mentions

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