Installing A Mini Split – Cover for Cassette Head

Phil’s installing a 3 headed mini split air conditioner for a customer.

Pioneer Inverter Ultra High Efficiency Heat Pump 3 head mini split.

00:00 Intro
00:12 The box for the cassette head cover
00:45 Little tiny package of screws in the box
01:15 The cover doesn’t go on just any old way
01:30 The wires have to go to a specific space
02:05 Where the wires have to go
02:25 To put the screws in you have to take one of the covers off
03:40 Tight fit

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All right. So this says four-way cassette, but we’re doing three-way pioneer. This is the box for the cover. Don’t lose these. Yeah, a little tiny package of screws inside the box, you don’t want to lose them, because that’s what goes into those four areas right here. Now. Hold up. I’ll get you a gun. This does not. This cover does not go.

Really, we need to take that cover off. Why? So when we come back through and hook up all the electrical units. You have us do. But we’re not doing that, just yet. Where we can just this comes down, we can get into. All right. So these wires have to go on a specific place and they go in right here. So that means… Over one more. Other way. Just keep going right one more, like that. So right.

There you go. Like that. There. And by the way, that’s tape in here you can pull out. Well, they can reach that from the outside. Yeah. Now this is these wires have to go. They show up right here. I already showed them. So these wires has to be where they can reach into there. And that’s that you… You’ll see when you get in there, you’ll see where they go. They’re pretty. And we’ll show you self-explanatory. Now, to put the screws. These screws in, you have to take this cover off. Now, you push these little springs like that, and this will literally pull out. And these can hang. All right.

Remember, this is going to go back over. And this seven-eighths right here is why we got to have that 7/8 that. I don’t know if your going to… Watch out. The one I’ve got, put the washer on that. Yeah. If issue is you’re right up against the wall on the other side there. Oh yeah. Your, uh… We have no screw? Here you go. Hold that for showing. A little bit of finagling, right Dad? A little bit of adjustment. Finesse.

You know I can look up in here and see where the screws in relation to the hole. I don’t want to over tighten it. One more screw? You may have to cut this out. Yeah.

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