Curved Metal Roof Mobile Home

Updated 4-5-22

Phil shows you how to install a metal roof on a curved mobile home. Single-wide mobile home. The same material that you’d use for any metal roof can be used with this type of roof. You just need to do some adjusting to how you put the metal.

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00:00 Intro
00:12 You can do a metal roof on a curved mobile home
00:23 Up on the roof putting one bys down
04:32 After you run all your boards length ways, you put your insulation
04:45 Installing your metal
05:52 Keep an eye on the metal, you may need to adjust and that’s normal
06:31 Plumbing vents
07:10 Finished Roof: Be an American not American’t

So you can do a metal roof on a curved roof mobile home using this metal.

And so we’re up on top of the roof. I’m sorry for the wind noise, but that’s the way it is flatlands like Missouri and Oklahoma. In this area you get storm shelters know, usually close to the edge and there’s usually a two by four. What inch in the quarter by inch and a quarter piece of wood here. And then you can feel the rafters, which happens to be right here some where. We’re going to put three inch screws.

Like so. Now, you can always adjust. Let me get some more screws. First I do one end and then I do the other. So, we’re going to walk along here.

Right from there. This is where that last rafter is. And I can feel by stepping on both sides of it, and that sucks down. So the I’m going to go a long find out. This is the boards I have already stretched out. See how I’m bouncing on that board, so I’ll know where it is. On that rafteer.

Getting that all the way through. Then I do the next. All right. Now, I’d like this to be two foot edge to edge. So that’s what I’ve done

I’ll hold this out here so I can fasten it to the other one. Put one screw so I can switch off of it. Wood is kind of split where it gets close to the outside. And now we’re going to do the same on the other end.

Again, I can feel where it is when I stand on it. you kind of see, even though it’s been cool sealed a lot of times you can see where the ribs are. You can kind of line yourself up with where the ribs are.

Missed it. I’m uh, going to put another one in and just to be sure. Yeah that sucked it down. We just go ahead and do that all the way one side to the other all the way through. We’ll take it. We’ll show you what we do when we come up to a penetration. And we’ll go from there.

So, you run the boards length ways, put screws on the rafters. go one step one. Then you put your insulation you cut it to length and then you start pealing the tape. So, that one piece will stick to the other.

In this case, we got the metal, we measured both sides, even got a one by four here on the edge. Screw it to that one by four. The other end. This now. When you’re going from side to side, whatever side you gain, you screw from this direction.

This side, will gain. If you start from this way that side will gain. So, keep an eye on your measurements to the mobile home. Make sure that, most mobile homes are not particularly straight. So they might twist, don’t be totally flabbergasted if the metal gets out of whack and you have to keep adjusting. That’s normal. in this case, we got six inches of overhand.

And it’s going to keep water from running into the windows and such. And they’ve had nothing but issues for long, long time with this roof here. So now they don’t. This is something I’ve been doing for 27-28 years in this area so you can do it too.

Uh the plumbing vents. We cut them off of the metal, and I’ll show you that. And then we over the top of it, and it breathes in and out underneath the roof. So, you don’t have hardly any penitrations.

When you reduce that much maintenance it saves you a lot of trouble in the future. But, uh, you’d have to cut, have to measure then you’ll put that roof vent there and I have several videos on how to that.

So, keep that in mind. So, you can see it all screwed down. You can see it. It can be done and it does not leak. So… Ta Da. American not American’t

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