Mobile Home Metal Skirting install

Phil shows you how to install your metal skirting:

How to install metal skirting on a mobile home. Phil walks you through the entire job, exactly how to do it. See the answer to any venting questions below.

I will try to answer with the hope to be simple enough and understandable enough to help other people with questions about the same subject.

First, let’s keep in mind vents in a block or concrete wall foundation will have pressing need of how to dispose of water or moisture trapped under the house for any number of reasons. The foundation for concrete or block is dug into the ground causing a tendency to keep moisture under the house.

That also brings another subject of houses installing plastic on the ground to keep moisture from wicking up because unlike a mobile home conventional homes have no vapor barrier installed on the floor joists. Now more and more new mobile homes are installing this vapor barrier thinking this should be the same situation. Mobile homes have a vapor barrier already protecting it.

Still, we might say why not? OK, whenever I crawl under a house or a mobile home with plastic on the ground they are large amounts of water on top of the plastic from the leak. At age 56 these memories are still vivid. Sometimes a pond of water is kept by plastic.

And guess what in the winter with a diligent homeowner the vents will be closed. Guess how much vents are helping now. Even with vents guess how long it takes to get rid of the ponds of water trapped under a house. A LONG TIME MY FRIENDS.

Any plumbing needs protection from cold weather. Vents allowing cold winter winds many times below 0 will want to be closed. Makes sense, does it not.

So now we are discussing venting in good weather. Funny thing about mobile home skirting other than block or concrete. It does not hold back water. Guess what? It does not hold water underneath either.

Now an exception to this will be when you have plastic on the ground. Now, this great idea of plastic is catching and holding water that might be rolling from the yard under the skirting. Now let’s get to vents or areas that vent, consider that every rib 9 inches open under the top front. So a 70-foot house has 172 feet around it. It also has 230 ribs plus four corners also open at the top.

Finally, as long as I have been installing mobile home skirting not once has there been a complaint about the lack of venting been the problem. NOT ONCE IN 30 PLUS YEARS.

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