Why Your Mobile Home Tub Has Cracks

Ever wondered why your plastic mobile home tub has cracks you can’t patch?

In this video Phil explains how, and why this happens.

Oh, Phil has one mess up on the video, the mobile home type tubs are 54″ and house are 60″.

00:00 Talking to you today about mobile home bathtubs
00:10 Mobile home tubs are 54″ not 60
00:30 Thin plastic tub with foam bottom to support them
00:45 The floor supports the tub. If it’s cracking, your floor is in trouble.
01:10 Only way to fix it is to pull the tub out
01:30 Suggest you buy a fiberglass tub 54″, or you can use house type tub, you just have to move a wall.
01:55 How to get the tub out, access panel

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Going to talk to you today about mobile home bathtubs quite often. Most of the time, they’re not 60 inches, which is the normal bathtub length from one end to the other. But they’re 54. And that’s the same space in the square footage and in a number of other reasons, maybe even the cost, and they’re a plastic tub. And underneath, instead of being very strong thickness, it’s real thin and they put foam on the bottom to support the bottom and give it strength. So therefore, the floor is actually what gives the strength to the thin tub.

And so, people will call me up says, hey, how do I fix my plastic tub it’s got cracks in the bottom of it, and I’ve try patching it and I just can’t. Well, what has happened is the drain or the faucet itself has leaked underneath there and the floor is soft. Now that foam is has not got anything to support it, and it’s breaking the tub when you stand on it.

So, the only way to fix that is to pull the tub out. When you pull that tub out, you’ll probably find that this is a bad floor, and you have to put a new tub in. I suggest you get a fiberglass tub and they do make them to fit mobile homes.

They’ll be 54 not 60. If you want to use a house type in a mobile home, you’ll have to move the wall one or the other four inches more 56 is not, you know, going to 60-inch tub is not going to fit in a 56-inch hole.

So, it is a little bit of an ordeal, but it can be done. So, this particular case, we’re going to take out everything and put it in a better fiberglass tub, heavier duty, which we’ll show you later. This is the bathroom on the other side.

The access panel might not be obvious, but if you notice these little clips that go over top of the screws, so it kind of hides it, this whole panel has to come out and the plumbing will be behind that, and that’s what we’re going to do next.

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