Prodex Insulation On Mobile Home

Updated 2-1-23

What is Prodex, why would you want to use it. Why we usually DON’T pull shingles off. And an easy way to handle Prodex rolls, prep for installation.

00:00 Alternative to insulating your roof
00:19 Not for vapor barrier, you could
00:30 R-rating equal to 10″ batt insulation
00:55 Lot of discussion online about putting metal roofing against shingles
01:10 They sell slip sheets about $200 a roll
01:30 Prodex covers 750 square feet and about $300 a roll
01:50 In 30 years we’ve never had the problems that are talked about with metal to shingles
02:00 What I think the issue is
02:55 Have we ran into that problem?
03:10 If we’re shimming the roof
03:40 The same thing will happen if you strip a metal to metal roof and don’t add insulation
03:50 Condensation runs down
04:05 Woops, wife missed editing that
04:15 Early on he tried letting people save money on no insulation
04:25 You can put 3/4 foam
04:45 We would get caught on the additions
05:00 Nope, not the addition. The leaks would be from condensation of the metal roof
05:15 When you strip a roof you need to insulate it
05:35 We get people telling us we don’t know what we’re doing
05:50 A shingle roof won’t last 10-15 years
06:05 Shingles will not hold up to the high winds around here
06:15 A metal roof will
06:25 I’m just trying to help you do your own house
06:35 If you want to put slip sheets in go ahead
06:55 (not affiliate link)
07:00 Pulling shingles off a double-wide
07:20 Pulling them off because the customer wants his insurance to be happy
07:30 We’re trying a shingle removal tool
08:00 We believe in recycling and reusing any materials we can, including the wrappers.
09:10 Handeling rolles of Prodex
09:55 When cutting insulation

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Hey guys. There’s an alternative to insulating your roof. We could do this inside of the rafters of the house, but we’re doing it on a mobile home, double wide roof, and we’re using it for insulation, not for a vapor barrier, actually. You can use this for vapor barrier. It sticks. It has a sticky side. And then one the other side sticks to it.

It’s four foot wide, has a r-value says as much as ten inches of regular batt insulation. On their website and it’s not affected by humidity. It says it is a vapor, but it is a Class A fire rating reduces or eliminates condensation in metal building. So you can use this, what I do. And there’s a lot of discussion online with regards to putting metal roofing against shingles and causing it to sweat.

And you should have slip sheets. They sell that stuff for, a roll about that big. I think it’s like $200. It’s just just a little bit more than paper. But anyway, I’ve never used it in 30 years. You can use whatever you want to, but this, and I think it’s like $200 a roll, or something like that. But this covers 750 square feet and it’s $300 a roll.

So it gets you ten inches of insulation underneath your metal roof. It will keep you from touching your shingles if you want. If you’re worried about it. Although I might say again, 30 years, I’ve never had the things that these guys are. Oh, you don’t do that. You’re going to cause your metal roof to your roof to rot and it will cause damage.

I’m working on one on one right now. I’ll send you the pictures and then they don’t. But that’s neither here nor there. I’ll explain to you what I think is their issue. If you strip that house and with one bys or two bys and then you put metal directly to that, that leaves an air gap, a space in between the metal roof and the shingles.

And the difference between the outside of that metal and the inside of that metal in temperature on both sides is dramatic. 20 degrees means that 20 degrees or more is causing condensation and will always cause condensation. Okay. Whenever that condensation comes down, it runs down that shingle roof. It hits the one by fours or the two by fours and it rots.

It will find the screws. It will sit there and rot. Now, have I run into that? No, because I’ve never done two bys over shingles, or one bys. I’ve I’ve never saw fit to do so we’ve got plywood underneath there. Why would we need to do that unless we were shimming. And I think I did one job where they had really bad crooked roof and they were trying to hide it not far from here, but on… Whenever.

Years ago I was trying to be nice and I was like, Well, if you can’t afford, well, here’s what we need to do. We need to strip this metal roof on a mobile home and we will need to put insulation in between there. And they go, oh, what can we save there enough not putting insulation in. What happens on a metal clad mobile home roof is the same thing that I was telling you about on a, stripping a house with shingles.

Condensation runs down. It hits those screws on was holding those one by fours down or the back. Then I was using DWC or drywall channel metal, drywall channel and it caused me grief. I guess we’ll have to edit that.

“A little bit.”

And then so what we also did was run into, I think it was like three different places. Well, oh we want to save money. I don’t need to spend that money on insulation, so I don’t let them have that. That choice any more. I put this up there. Now you can put a foam, three quarter foam in between your strips of wood. I did that for, for quite a long time. This is something that’s been out for the last four or five years in my area.

Might have been available somewhere else earlier, I don’t know, but in my area. So what I’m saying is it would catch me on the addition, it would run down and all sudden the addition would be leaking. Oh, everybody goes up there and seals where the addition attaches to the metal roof above it. And no, it’s not what it is.

It’s condensation and running down to where those two, the new addition, met the roof. So it took me a little bit to figure that out. Probably only three jobs where I made that mistake and I had to fix it. So when you strip a roofs, you need to insulate. This is a choice. You can do this. It’s cheaper, it’s faster, it’s a vapor barrier, and it’s insulation.

Ten inches of insulation, is what they’re saying. Same as. So if you got an issue. I want to say like Austin Powers, then here’s the tissue. But, you know, I get people all the time, they say, Oh, well, you don’t know what you’re doing. You said, tell people this, you know, how long do I have to do this?

I’ve been doing it for a right at 30 years. I’m going to be 50 years and not have I’m going to outlive a lot of these houses and the people living in them. Okay. And a shingle roof is not going to last ten, 15 years. And that’s if we don’t get 70 mile an hour winds, which we do around here every now and then, and shingles blow off.

We got some a metal roofs or a shingle roof to replace because of that. And it’s still within warranty and I can guaranteed have 50 year warranty and it won’t hold up to that kind of wind. Guess what? A metal roof will it’ll hold up until the house starts flying apart. So all this baloney man, just don’t listen to it. I know these guys are, are experts in their own mind and I’m just trying to help you with how to do your own house at a budget.

So I’m going to tell you, if you want to put the slip sheets in, go ahead. It’s just added labor and added expense. And not, I’ve never had an issue with it. But if you want to add insulation for a little more money, it’s not much. You get a lot from this stuff called Prodex ecological. So look into it. They’re actually online at and they’re not paying me. So there you go, guys.

This is me raring to go. On pulling shingles off of a double wire because the insurance said, which is insurance is everybody’s friend said that if we put metal roof on this, it could cause it to be too much weight on the roof. Anyway, we’re going to pull the shingles out because customer wants his insurance to be happy so that he can be restful.

So we’re going to pull shingles off lots of fun. So that being said, we’re going to try a new $45 shingle puller off-er, and we put plastic down on the ground. We will throw that down and we’ll it on the trailer. Lots of work, and then we’ll be putting down the Prodex, which if you pan over there, you can see on material where we are set up trailer and the wrap that was around the metal is actually kind of a weave stuff.

That stuff actually works pretty good for covering the bottom of your mobile home and my boys used to come home say my uh, my teacher says you’re not very… You don’t recycle because I threw aluminum cans in trash or whatever. It was like, Yeah, well, you tell your teacher I recycle more than anybody because I use everything I can, over instead of throwing it away.

So I promise you, I’m blessing the dump less than most people that do what I do so anyway, that wrap. Looks pretty good, and I’ve used it before and a lot of times I use a a lot of it, which is more like people. It’s just the thought that that’s what we’re going to do. In gray brown that’s coming up couldn’t get to stop leaking. We put a lot of tar, still leaked. So we’re going to go at this and have lots of fun and you guys can follow along.

How to handle all those big old rolls of Prodex, whatever it is, and. Prodex, you can it’s difficult because it’s awkward. But what I usually do is cut pieces. I’ve marked from the that fence to here what you can mark from anything. Put a couple pieces of wood down.

And we cut on that. 13-14 feet and then I role it out when you’re cutting insulation of any kind. Keep your hand above, not down here by it or else it will hop over, bunch up and catch on your material and jump over and hit your hand. Then we’re taking it over there and we’re rolling up and then we have all these rolls ready to go up when we need it. We have the down on the ground toss it up to us.

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