Mobile Home Door Hinge Repair

Phil shows you a quick and easy way to fix mobile home door hinges, and make the place feel more home-like. If you’re doing the work for someone else, it’s adds a polish to your work.

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00:12 First thing is to take off the door, so it’s not in the way
01:05 Quick tip on how to fix doors not working, bent hinges
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First thing we’re going to do is take off this door so it’s not in the way for doing what we need to do there.

And then we can get real close to the edges and what I normally do is just take the hinges loose. This is way I can put them right back. You can almost always see where they did go, and I usually do the… The bottom first, put my foot underneath this. Elbow’s kind of holding it to the wall.

Then I put the screws over here. By the way, a lot of times people say, well, my door doesn’t work. What do I do? It’s got a problem. See how this if you notice right here, this hinge is bent because it’s bent this door will be having a tendency to be tight over here. What you can do. Let me see that hammer right there, by you.

“All right,”

Just flip that hinge over to the door.

Little cheapy hinges. Just flatten the hinge out. And guess what? It’ll work for a while longer. This one is bent also not very much. Not yet where it’s a problem. But I already know in order to make my work look right, you know, fix the door and they’re like hey, something feels better about this place.

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