Mobile Home Air Conditioner Freezing Up

Here are several things you will want to do, monthly and at least yearly, to keep your mobile home AC unit from freezing up, overflowing and causing water damage to your floors.

00:00 Intro
00:16 First thing we see is the AC has overflowed more than once
00:45 Why the AC unit can leak
00:55 You have to change your filters at least once a month
01:10 Your overflow pan isn’t huge
01:22 You need to clean the coils, and the drain at least once a year
01:40 Wasn’t done so overflowed, hit the floor and rotted out the floor
01:50 What we recommend avoiding this problem
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The first thing I see whenever I got here is, although this is a wet area where you got a toilet that could leak, a sink that can leak, a bathtub that could overflow or leak.

It looks like the air conditioner central heating air has been leaking down. They’ve already replace the floor once and it’s been running down through here. And this had linoleum. And then they took the linoleum up, and then it got underneath the linoleum, which is quite likely what happens is you come over here with the.

There’s a coil. If you don’t change, the filters sometimes they are in the door. This works just fine. If you don’t change the filters like this one’s totally clogged up, this thing will ice up and it will overflow. There’s a plastic pan right here. It doesn’t have very much room. Let me see if I can get this light.

“Ya, that’s better.”

That light in there. See, that’s not much of a pan. And you need to clean these coils once a year at least. So there’s a drain that comes out of this pan right here. You need to clean that out once a year, at least. And so clean your coil, clean those things, and change your filter every month. But this wasn’t done. So it overflow went down, hit the floor, and soaked back and went back into here.

I can promise you that’s what happened. So what I recommend to avoid this and for your air conditioner to run good is to clean the coil that way it pulls air through it regularly and like it’s supposed to and change your filters again. The same as if you took your car and put your, you know, mud over top of the radiator or put your hand over your mouth running up a hill.

You’re asking a lot of that air conditioner and it will freeze up if it’s restricted that way or if it’s low freon or freeze up, go past the pan, which it only has like a half inch of room in this case, and then it’ll just run water down and then you’ll have water damage on top of the non-running properly air conditioner.

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