Hoarders Clean Up Day One

Phil and the guys were getting started on the outside of this hoarder house. Before we can even get into the house, they had to spend a day doing the sheds and outside.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Phil’s in a bad mood but can’t really blame him
00:35 Big Purple dumpster
00:55 Want to do the outside first
01:30 This is how big the dumpster is
03:00 Dust pan that nobody used
03:40 Follow us

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All right, let’s roll. Quit putting me in a bad mood.

“Yeah, I think.”

Three, two, one.

“I’m filming right now.”

All right. So big purple dumpster, unhappy motherf*cker, in the front, because he don’t get his way. And I like him for it.

Because if I direct that frustration then he does good work. We got a lot of trash to pull out. I want to do the outside first. I don’t think.

That little short dumps are going to last very long. Take a look at the inside. I do not think that will last very long, but we’re going to do the outside sheds, which are lot of stuff, see this stuff in the shed. But it is my goal to try to clean this place up and come out with a little bit, to sell, I can sell and get rid of and use myself.

So you’re going to see as we go along and here we go. I don’t need rocks you want these rocks.


Not going to need a baby gate.

Hey, we got a dust pan.

Hey, look here. A dust pan, they didn’t use it. But there’s a dustpan.

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