Hoarders House Clean Up By the Shovel Full #Shorts


“My arm is killing me.” Bring that thing over here and we’ll… Throw that thing away, John. That’s about $100. “I got a mind for it.” That’s right price. “The ones that at the house, I use it. I got it for free. All I had to do was tell me what to do and … Read more

Hoarder House Clean Up #Shorts

Hoarder House Clean Up #Shorts

Day 3 and dumpster 5 of cleaning up a hoarder’s house. Start of the day. Third day, the start of the third day. And we’ve done four dumpsters. Is that right? We’re on our fourth? “Fifth.” We’re on our fifth. We’ve got through the kitchen 60% through this master bedroom, and we’re only 30, 40% … Read more

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