Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester

Non-contact AC Voltage tester.

This is a real handy little tool that I use when I can find it. Don’t get lost or taken for somebody else’s convenience. This is what I call a voltage tick, but at Harbor Freight, which is a number of other places you can get at. Pretty much a lot of hardware places they call a non-contact AC voltage tester, so you can detect AC voltage without touching the wires. Now watch.

If you want to see something hot before you even work on an outlet, you can go up to the, I think the breakers off wait let’s see, see this button right here. See right here there is no voltage but now when I plug it in. Wow this thing is brand new outlet Now, pushing this button. It will help me find shorts sometimes in cords. If I unplug it so I can go up to a switch, a plug and I can tell if this is hot that’s a pretty handy little tool.

Doesn’t cost much at all at all like five or $6 at Harbor Freight and it’s pretty neat little tool. It says it’s rated up to 600 volts. You better be around 600 volts with this will go off before you even get a foot within but it also blinks a little bit when it’s not so light out. So it kind of gives you in the dark or inside of a house or in a darker place, it’s kind or handy because you can actually see.

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