Who We Are

I thought that i would let you know who we are and what this blog will be talking about.

Phil at Eureka Springs in 2013
Phil at Eureka Springs in 2013

Phil Bridges:

This is Phil…the brains and what makes Straight Arrow tick. My husband has been working construction and repair since he was a child working with his Father and Uncle’s company’s. He has done both commercial and residential construction. He has worked all over Texas, moved to Florida and worked there for a long time, while in Florida he worked for Universal studios and Disney on their construction projects. He has been a field supervisor with 250 man crews.

About twenty years ago he decided to go out on his own and moved to Arkansas and started Straight Arrow. We do residential, some commercial repair, and our biggest amount of business comes from repairing mobile homes. We work on all buildings but seem to be the only company in the area that will work on mobile homes. We also own a mobile home park just outside of Pea Ridge, AR, so that’s a major plus that we repair our own trailers.

Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges`

Chris Bridges:

This is me….lol, Chris Bridges, Phil’s wife. I will be doing most of the writing and designing of the site. I will also be writing most of the blogs, although the mobile home tips and advice will be coming from Phil. However you can blame the bad writing on me. I’m just the computer part of this partnership, and also the office manager, secretary and the person you will most likely be speaking too, that is until I can get him on the line for you. I’m in cell range more and can answer the phone more often….read less likely to be under a house or somewhere way too dangerous to be answering the phone.

The Blog:

The game plan right now for what we will be blogging about is:

Job’s posts and galleries:

  1. Jobs that we are currently doing…which I’m way behind and will be catching up so some will be from before the blog started.
  2. Several of the jobs we are currently doing are multistage jobs that we have been and will be working on for a long time and so I will be posting as the develop.

We will do tips aimed at the mobile home consumer, and some just general tips on how to help yourself when:

  1. Buying a mobile home and things to watch for
  2. Finding a mobile home repairman
  3. Things that you can do or have done to make your mobile home more homelike
  4. General tips and knowledge that Phil has picked up in over 30 years experience in home repair and construction.

Local events of interest and we may do local facts and trivia.

I’m sure more things will come up as we run the blog. We are always open to any questions or comments. If there’s info you need or would like covered please comment or let us know.



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