Tub Is In Bathtub Remodel Accessible Bathtub Hoyer Lift

We’ve got the tub in the bathroom remodel we have been doing.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Tubs in on the frame
00:40 We always try to put in shut-offs when it comes to plumbing
01:00 He did the river dance on the platform to make sure it was steady. To bad that wasn’t videoed
01:10 Real short shower
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All right. We’ve come a long ways. Put the tub in. We had to reach in there, by the way, my arm got hung up. Hooked up the plumbing and the vent inside the wall, which meant lifting it up, putting that kind of piece and put it back in. And then the vent has to be in there. Also, we’ve also put in shut offs back in here and fastened to everything. And we find out what this was.

It’s a sprinkler, so it’s working. So, I’m not fixing things that ain’t broke.

We’ll put the plumbing back on the holes. Of course.

It’s quite convenient, you can sit on. I was bouncing and doing river dance on to test. Nobody died and we’re talking about a real short shower. So if I was in here, it might, I might get a good nasal wash.

But for her, I mean, she could totally turn the neck up and then put the head up here. Might still work, but particularly she can hook it up and then wash the tub out. We’re going to put an inexpensive tub surround, which you obviously want to cut off, or I’d be wiping up here and then we’ll put trim around it just to, uh, make it look better.

And also, we’re going to put handrails over top of that, probably one right here, here and here. So that’s where we’re at. And we started the trim on the outside and we’re going to change the look with a bead board here. That’s it. See you in a little bit.

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