Cleaning Up Wood Siding On House – Cleaning Up Exterior of Houses

Updated 3-15-23

Phil walks you through cleaning up the outside of a house.

00:00 House hasn’t been painted for over 20 years
00:15 We’re going to caulk around the wood
00:30 Getting the heavy stuff off with wire brushes
00:44 Examples of the vines and what they’re cleaning off
01:25 This is a rental house
01:42 Tedious job of picking up cigar butts from deck
02:05 Whole dark area is cigar tips
02:30 Putting the primer on the siding
02:45 Walk board between two ladders
03:30 What you can do on the tall sections
04:00 Make sure your ladders are secure and straight up and down

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Today, we’re starting on a pretty good sized project. An older house hadn’t been painted in 20 plus years and it’s wood siding, had vines on the side of it. We’ve been pulling the vines off and scraping them. And we’re going to caulk all the way around all the wood and where we lap from

One siding to the, piece of siding to the other. We’re going to seal that with caulking and we’re going to go over, kills. I’ll take you through that. Right now we’re using wire brushes and getting the heavy fuzz off, scraping off the vines that are attached to the side and the roots are attached to that. And you’ll be right along with this.

Some more examples of vines and such that we’re going to be cleaning off to make this place look a little bit better. And we’re also going to fix the rotted out area that’s underneath the door in. It’s got the door settling down in, on the left side we’ll be reconditioning the, the deck and then putting deck correct on in.

This is a rental house, so it’s been really abused, as bad as I’ve seen that it does have some work to be done and stuff. I guess renters wouldn’t take care of the paint and such, so it’s doing quite well.

I find myself with a tedious little job which is pulling out cigar tips out of the deck cracks. Evidently somebody smoked a lot of cigars. To give you a for instance, if you look down there, it’s the whole, all that dark area is all cigar tips. It’s just a whole bunch of. But the problem is I’m supposed to be painting this deck after I clean it and it’s got all kinds of cigar tips. I have to pull them out of pushing through lots of fun.

In that same house I was showing you that we’re pulling vines off and and getting ready to paint.

Now we’re putting the primer on Use the ladders to get up high, getting all that old paint covered up with kills 2. And we’ve got a walk board that is adjustable in between two ladders. So if you get ready to do something like that, make sure you’re sitting fairly level and stable. In this case, we’ve got boards which you can get a little better than this, but everybody seems to be fairly confident.

But both ladders are built up and you got a walk board on there. When the first time you get on it, be real cautious, be prepared, make sure it’s stable all the way through before you get real comfortable and start running on it. That way we can walk through this whole area a lot faster without readjusting constantly, setting the ladders in rough terrain. And I’ll show you what we’re going to do on the end when we get to it with extension ladders and ladder jacks.

We’ve got us a tall section, not terrible tall, but this is what we do on these areas that are tall in addition to extension ladders. Make sure they’re set really good at the bottom. The terrain is leaning this way and that way.

So on the ladder, Jack is maybe a little bit lower this way and higher over here. And it runs this way. It kind of goes the opposite of what it wants to go with that. But you still need make sure everything is steady on the bottom of your ladders. And your ladders are fairly straight up and down and pay attention to your weight load.

Be careful when you first get up there. But we’ve got six feet, a little bit less or more, and we’ll be able to get all that high area with what we’ve got right here. And this is what you can do at home.

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