Why We Use Foil Tape For Under Mobile Homes

Phil explains why we use foil tape for the ductwork and underpinning for mobile homes.

Guess what? I have figured out that. Even expensive duct tape, like Gorilla tape, and this is iron forced and other tape that’s tried to hold up underpinning underneath a mobile home. The plastic doesn’t seem to last a long time. A lot of times you’ll see strips of duct tape falling down. So what I’ve been using here lately, although but the same price is foil tape.

This type, you take the wax paper and peel it off. This stuff, for some reason holds way better. Initially, and stays longer. There’s also another type of foil tape. Let me get this tight.

This one here doesn’t have the foil on it. It’s hard to find the end sometimes. That’s why you want to fold it like that so you can find it, but you’ll find this stuff works better than duct tape. I don’t know why in my experience. Hope it helps.

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