Unboxing Pendant 54 Mobile Home Bathtubs

Putting a new Pendant 54″ Mobile home steel bathtub. This is a right-hand drain. We need to change from a center drain to the right-hand drain.

Walk though unboxing the bathtub, what you need to measure to place your drain. We cut the hole in the floor. Not sure what happened with the rest of the install. I thought the unboxing and measuring could help people out.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 We’re here doing another bathroom, have all the parts
00:51 Unboxing Pendant 54 Mobile Home Bathtub
01:32 Measuring the Steel Mobile home tub
02:00 54 inch with a skirt on the front
02:15 Right-hand drain on the side
02:35 Need to measure where the drain is so we know where to cut
03:30 Cutting the hole
05:11 Be an American not Ameri-can’t

Hi, I’m Phil bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together. Hi guys, here we are again fixing a bathroom.

They’ve already bought the toilet, the tub and the surrounds. Looks like the tub been opened up before they repackage. This is a. Steel tub. Means it’ll be tough enough. It’s just it will be cold, it’s. Fast forward. It’s like.

Now, the support it has this foam also, but this is not going to break like a regular fiberglass tub because that’s not there might tilt. But uh, we’ll see if we can’t influence things. Let’s measure and make sure we’re 54. This is uh 54. the skirt is on.

So it’s a right hand tub, so the drain is on the right hand side so that. We need to know where. I could do it the easy way. Roll this over. We need to locate, I have to reposition the drain because it was a center drain, so it’s about 15 inches from the back wall.

And, you want to come over here. It’s about eight inches from the wall, where the faucet is. 15 is there. Eight is there. It’s perfect. We got to open up the floor in this area because it was not originally here. But that happens to be would be pretty close to the floor joist is.

There’s that noise again. The lady was talking about. So anyway we’re going to cut out a section here so that where the trap was over here, the trap has to be here now. So we’re going to rearrange some things here and we’ll show you what we do.

Let’s get a hammer and knock that out. We ain’t cut the other side that’s just been cut right here. This is Phil Bridges, if you like what you saw and think it might be helpful to somebody else, push that like button and let other people know what you and I know, and we’ll work together toward making a brighter future. By the way, we’re not Amera-Can’ts We Americans see you next time.

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