How To Find Free Fence Panels #Shorts

So here we are on a cold, windy, 20 something degree day, picking up free fence panels. See the sign over there. “There you go.” From a fencing company. Fencing company has to get rid of the sometimes they have to pay to get rid of them. This is where you need to be looking … Read more

How to Find Free Fencing Panels

How to Find Free Fencing Panels

We show you how to locate fence panels for free to use in your projects. These are going to my chicken coops, but you could use them for any wood project. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Why we’re out on a cold Saturday morning00:35 Each panel is between $50-60 in materials00:50 True recyceling00:58 After we have the trailer … Read more

How to Tear Down a Building-Save The Metal

Updated 1-30-23 Ever need to tear down a building and want to save the metal?? Phil shows you how. 🙏 Subscribe, 👍, it helps a lot!!➤❓/ 💬:➤ Follow ➤➤I get a little for the channel-no charge for you if you use the links:➤➤Shop Amazon➤➤Tool lists & recommended products🧰 McCullah-Rising UpVideo Visual … Read more

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