How to Remove Water Damaged Subfloor Bathroom

How to Remove Water Damaged Subfloor Bathroom

The guys are removing a water damaged mobile home bathroom floor in this video. It’s always surprising how much rotted wood can be under what looks like a safe floor. We will be completely remodeling the mobile home bathroom. You can follow along with the entire job here: Phil has several tips and tricks … Read more

Doublewide & Singlewide Inside Door Trim Tips & Tricks

Doublewide & Singlewide Inside Door Trim Tips & Tricks

Your inside doors in a mobile home is closed when you are putting the trim on. You see these problems a lot in mobile home, also doors are frequently placed on the joining of the 2 parts of a doublewide. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Follow Along with a handyman, repairman00:25 Missing strike for the door00:45 Door is made … Read more

How To Seal Metal Roof Penetrations With Tar

Tar Penetrations

Step-by-step how to seal the penetrations on your metal roof. Always be careful, as the roof can be slick. Phil always has fun when working. 00:00 Intro Phil Bridges owner of Straight Arrow Repair00:25 Taring penetrations, trying not to fall02:00 You might have to work harder when the roof is semi-wet02:10 When and why you’d … Read more

How to Relevel a Doublewide end of the job, Step-by-step description of the job

How to Relevel a Doublewide

Releveling of a double-wide mobile home. We had to do some creative leveling for this double-wide trailer that has been added onto over the years.All without leveling the home beforehand. The additions to the mobile home made the relevel complicated, but shows you how a mobile home can be a starter home. 00:00 Intro00:25 Phone … Read more

Mobile Home Relevel Out takes, When You didn’t know the camera was on


Thought this was too funny not to post. Phil trying to figure out if the phone was on. Also, complaining about the battery dieing. Enjoy and always remember if you’re doing things you WILL make mistakes. Just roll with it.

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