Shower Base Installation On Wood

We’re installing an Allen and Roth acrylic shower base 60×30″ into the mobile home that we just replaced the flooring in. This is part 2 of that mobile home bathroom repair and remodel.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:20 Unboxing the shower base
00:30 Showing the instructions
00:40 Need to take off the blue plastic
00:50 You’ll be screwing this into place
01:27 The drain can be either left or right
01:58 Installing the shower pan
02:18 Be an American not an American’t

Hi, I’m Phil Bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together.

Hey, guys, guess what? We got an Alan and Roth acrylic shower base. It’s a 60 inch by 30 inch. Well, let’s take a look at what it’s what it looks like. instructions Purchased at. I guess it has instructions on what to do. So we’ll do that as we go along. Has a blue plastic covering on it. Woooho. And it’s heavy. Got supports right here.

So you’re not going to be gluing it into place. You’re going to be screwing it into place, to the walls around it. Most likely. Let’s take all this blue off.

“Can you just hold it and I’ll pull it.”

Fall donw on him. Boom!

“You want to… Just hold this.”

I can hold it. So this can be a left or right. Just swap in It’s heavy.

“Allen and Roth.”

Allen and Roth. Not just Alan, not just roth. It’s Alan and Roth. Well, I’m going to take there.


A fiberglass splinter, and OK.

“And this is why you measure before you buy.”


This is Phil Bridges, if you like what you saw and think it might be helpful to somebody else, push that like button and let other people know what you and I know, and we’ll work together toward making a brighter future. By the way, we’re not Amera-Can’ts we’re Americans. See you next time.

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