Setting Up Double Wide Mobile Home

Story time, and time to get to know Phil just a little better.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Comedy: that is his life
00:22 One point he was setting up a lot of mobile homes close to 200
01:05 Going to Little Rock to meet the mobile home mover
01:30 Get out to the site
02:00 First half went on pretty easy
02:30 Had guys on the front to direct the mover, and Phil on the back
03:10 The mover could only see Phil’s head in the mirror because…
03:25 Phil found the septic tank… The hard way
03:50 Ended up above his knees in septic
04:05 The guys were laughing so hard they couldn’t pull him out
04:35 Had to go get hosed off at a car wash
04:50 Had to take turns hosing him down because they couldn’t quit laughing
05:10 For months he’d hear do you smell something

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To give you an idea of the comedy and things that happened in my life, I’m going to tell you a story. There was a point where I was putting doublewide mobile homes and single mom homes together. Level them up and come down, pull the axles out, let them on trailer. Sometimes they would have me trim out the ends, go inside, trim out the inside.

Anyway, I had been doing that for quite a while. That year we did a little over 150 double wide, seven triple wides and nearly 40 single wives. But in that year they said, Hey, instead of having this double wide, this big one come all the way up here to Harrison and then go all the way back down to Little Rock.

Would you consider going down to Little Rock, meeting the driver and helping him put it on the site? I said, Sure, I’ll do that, but I get 150 an hour from the time I leave here and go down there until I get back. He said: deal. So we drove down there. When we got there, both halves were already there, which was unusual.

And then we the the place used to be an old house that had burnt down. And then they took a bunch of clay and made a level spot for these 80 foot halves. Actually, it was a little more than 80 foot. At one point they would call them 90 foot, but the longest they made and it was a big one.

So the first half went on pretty easy. They had bulldozed the dirt and everything. The the house site, you could see where the the rocks were and everything. They bulldozed all that. So the first half was the upper half on the back side. We put that on pretty easy. The second half was a little harder because we had to get it on the clay, which was about four foot higher on the high side, maybe three foot.

And so we had to get it pretty close to the other and line it up with the old pretty close to where the old house was and get it in there. So I had my two guys in the front. I had another guy with me because I wanted to make it quicker and I was in the back. The guy in the front would tell him if he was going to hit anything over on that side and the other guy on the other side.

Then I had a guy that was just waving him forwards and backwards from what he could see me to say. I was all the way in the back saying, Come on, come on, come on. And the driver describes it this way. He says, I look in my left mirror, I saw your guy and I saw you. And I looked in right mirror and I saw your guy.

And I look back on my left mirror and back in my right, I look in my left mirror one time and I saw your guy and I look in the mirror and I see only thing I see is your head. So what had happened to me was over that time period that they bulldoze the site and bulldoze the house and put in the clay.

They ran over top of the septic tank and they had a grass over. There was no way to know that the septic tank was there. So when I stepped on it, not when I drove the trailer on it, but when I stepped on it, it fell in. Just happened to be so there I was, my head just above and I couldn’t get out now.

It wasn’t up to my neck in it, but I was above my knees and it. So everybody come running up there and thought maybe something I fell down or something because I could see was my head untill they got close. And when the guys got close, they started laughing so hard whenever I said, Hey, pull me out of here.

They were laughing so hard they couldn’t pull me out. And then the driver walked up his only cow. I got to go away. I’m about throw up. It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t is old, old sewage and had been a long time. But it’s not good. I’m sure there’s not a lot of people that have been in that situation.

So they they finally drug me out of there. And then I said, Now you got to take me somewhere where I can get hosed off. And they were laughing. So take me to a car wash. So you got to get in the back of the truck. So they drove me and drove around town laughing. Oh, well, they took me to finally find a car wash.

And while they were hosing me down, they had to take turns because they couldn’t stop laughing. It was that long that they were laughing. So they hold me all off from my waist down. Them laughing the whole time. And after that, we finished up the job, put it all together, left within a day when I got up there.

And so for months after, every time I went to the office where I got my assignments to work for these guys, everybody in the office would go, Do you smell something? I think I smell something. Is that a new cologne? You’re wearing, Phil? Yeah, the cologne. The toilet. So, yes, things can get worse and yes, I have always had my failures and I’ve overcome. I don’t fall into septic tanks as a rule. There you go. Things can always get worse.

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