Reinforcing Plywood Flooring Diy

Phil shows you how to make sure your floor is strong enough for just about any weight.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Using tongue-and-groove plywood
00:32 Still want to reinforce with wood under, particularly because of the weight
00:45 How to tell where to put the screws
01:08 Still added all the supports under, never too much support
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This a plywood we got tongue and groove made for flooring.

I still put wood underneath the edges for the most part, not always, but most times in this case for sure, because of all the weight. We use an inch and a half screws and I can see where the studs are so I don’t have to mark them, or where the floor joists were. And, that broke and I put the screws about every six inches on the outside.

The way I tell a lot of the guys, is like from the tip of your finger to the bottom of your wrist or in the field, say, from your wrist to your elbow.

So, mind you we still got all those supports underneath and too much. There’s no such thing, I guess. I guess you could put too many screws, but not likely anyway. That’s it, guys. See on the next one.

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