Raised Garden Beds With Corrugated Metal Sides

Something a little different today. We made these above ground garden beds from metal for roofing; we used rake and corner on the edges. So we make the entire bed out of metal. The beds will be 8’x3’x3′ with a middle divider.

You could cut these in half, or just some off of them, but we chose to go with the full metal side.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Run down on the materials we’re using
01:10 We’ll put mulch that we can get for free in the bottom half of the beds
02:10 Using Rake and corner for the corners
02:30 Laying out the material
03:20 They aren’t exactly 8′ because we’re using scrap material up
04:12 In the back yard putting things together
05:24 Adding corner to the first side
06:00 Second side, we don’t use any wood in them
07:00 Adding the next side to the box
07:30 And they are having screw issues
09:00 About 3/4 will be filled with wood chips we get for free.
09:50 Nothing like trying to hit a moving target
10:35 And the hazards of having BIG dogs lol
12:00 They seem to be having fun
14:25 First one is always the hardest
14:40 The first one is complete
15:20 Talking about Rabbit fertilizer
15:42 Be an American not an American’t

Hi, I’m Phil Bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together.

Get up early to take on a project that we’re talking about doing. I was going to build my woman in my life above ground areas to grow. So what we’re going to do is use the scrap materials that we have. Metal.

And we talked about whether or not the three foot will be too high, and we’re going to give it a shot that would be about this high. It’s kind of high but most of them are around that high. 24. But we’re going to this high and we’re not going to fill it full of dirt the bottom part will be wood chips and such we can get for free. And then the I can buy uh… there’s a gentleman that I’ve done work with.

He said that he could get me topsoil for $300 a big dump truck load. So that’s what we’re going to do. So the goal is here is to use up these scrap pieces from other jobs. And what I’m going to do is try to pick out ones that already have holes in them because it won’t matter if it has holes, and uh, we’re going to make them the sides eight foot long. The ends three foot long, and then there’ll be a middle divider. That’ll be three foot also.

So we’re going to do that first. And then we’ll get the pieces on the corner, which is these pieces right here, which is actually called Rake and Corner and we’ll cut those three foot long and then we’ll have two pieces of j-channel those will be three foot long. That’s what we’re going to do next.

“Got all of them we need?”

One, two, three, four, three of two of them are 32s and two of them are 36s. All right. So we cut all the metal, two panels that are long.

Three panels are short. Those are 32 because that’s what I had. Those were 36s, so we cut that and these are not exactly eight foot because I had some that were already seven foot four, seven foot two. So, we’re going to go ahead and use the scrap material this uh, are the stacks of j-channel, two pieces of j-channel, and four corner pieces this is a bunch of little pieces we’re going to put together so each one has four corners, two pieces of j-channel, two pieces of longer seven foot four, seven foot or eight foot and three pieces that are the width, which would be 32 to 36.

And we’re going to go move all this stuff where we can put it together in the back yard. And that’s what we’re doing next.

These are the screws. We’re going to use, John.

“You not using wood?”

No. I want to, no for wood pieces will rot. These are self-tapping wayfer head screw. It’s what we’re using to put it together.

“I don’t think that metal will hold up by itself, Phil.”

It’s not. It’s going to have one in the middle. Maybe we should have this on it. I got to figure out how…

“Put a 4×4 under it.”

“Hey, hey, hey.”

It won’t matter if there’s extra hold there. Let me have that 2×4. Clay, you’ve already stepped in the landmine.


See that corner over there? Ahhh, my battery’s dead. Ok, you missed. A dull one need more. Inside. We’ve got something living underneath that.

“Well, if just one of them would work.”

I think you’re below it.


“I don’t want your camera. Ya, dead center it just ain’t going. That piece of mine is moving too much.”


“When I push it going away I don’t want to get your finger either. Mother fucker.”

It’s about speed. You need to get your speed up on the screw. That won’t go all the way through either.

“That bottom one’s not in. John, that bottom one is not in.”

“Ain’t like it matters, it ain’t going in.”

Why don’t you hold this. Let me do that.

Since I’m the star of the show.

“You can be the star.”

Kansas City star.

That’s what I are.

“You going to have to fill this thing with an aweful lot of dirt.”

No, it’s not going to be dirt about three quarters of it’s going to be woodchips that I get for free.

“You didn’t even have this thing squared up either.”

Ok, get it pretty much even from one end, top to bottom.

How’s it look on the bottom, we need wider or what do we need to do?

“Right there.”

Well, you were moving in the change the hole two times.

“What do you mean I was moving?”

It’s on camera.

“He’s just calling you old, John.”

No, he just ain’t never built something as weird as this is.

“I don’t see how it can work.”

All the confidence in the world.

“Not really, not in this.”

“John’s like thinking like it is going to fly away in a windstorm.”

“I don’t, not if he’s going to put dirt in it. Something is going to come flying out.”

“Oh, you just stepped in a landmine dad.”

I can’t help it, it’s everywhere.

“I just watched you step right in it.”

“Now, we got to keep this on the same as those down there?”

No, it’s not that important.

“Here, you can have that one.”

Yeah. OK. On the bottom.

“Yeah, I put it up through. It’s all the way down through theere.”

Next to the last. You need to push on that one.

“Well, I’m afraid too push. I’m afraid I’m going to get screwed.”

We got. We’re wider on the bottom.

“Here, I can get over there and hold it.”

“Well, if I had it right up against the metal down there. You need I thought you was going down to the bottom. I was holding down there.”

I know.

“John’s worried about getting screwed.”

Now, we’ll do the very bottom.

“I don’t see it nowhere.”

“He hasn’t put it in yet.”

You want to put your foot down there.

“Kinda sorta not really. I seen where you put the screw, and I put it right there.”

“You expect John to do this by hisself?”

No. Shoot no.

You got to get his confidence level up the it will actually work. He won’t have no enthusiasm for it. This you need to push it in there.

“My foot right above that rib.”

It need to go below it. Very bottom.

“I’m afraid that if you put John in there, he’s gonna get stuck in there.”

We’ve got to get a six foot ladder to climb in or out.

“My foot is right there.”

So I can with this. See that one got higher.

“Well, so did that side.”

We should do the same.

“Well, those two.”

No, listen to me. These two need to be the same height.

“That one there needs….”

I can adjust it. don’t have to be first ones always the roughest. Go get a six foot ladder Clay. Ok. We’ll we’ll just keep doing it. See that even a tomato plant I can reach a tall one.

“Not if you fertilze them right you can’t.”

Might not.

Get that ladder then. So anyway, I’m up. What I intend to do is fill this all up with wood chips.

And then put dirt on top, which I can get $300 for a…

“Dump truck.”

A big dump truck full and then she put whatever potting soil and fertilizer from there. Well.

“Better off if you find you a rabbit grower.”

A rabbit.


Although they charge for that stuff now.

“Oh, I know the best fertilizer you can get and I might can get you some for free.”

Cool, that’s the best price.

“You might have to drive to get it, Lincoln.”

The best nation is donation.

This is Phil Bridges, if you like what you saw and think it might be helpful to somebody else, push that like button and let other people know what you and I know, and we’ll work together toward making a brighter future. By the way, we’re not Amera-Can’ts we’re Americans. See you next time.

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