Quick Run Through Curved Metal Roof #Shorts

Updated 2-6-23

This is the fastest run through on a metal roof. I never would have thought the guys could hit everything needed, but they DID!

So you can do a metal roof on a rounded roof mobile home. Let me show you how. You’re going to use one by fours that are sixteen foot long. You can use shorter fasten with three-inch screws through the metal into the rafters, and you’re going to put insulation, this is called prodex, and then metal roofing that is going the whole length, and we’ll show you that. All right.

So now you’re running the one by fours length, fasten to the rafters, which you can feel when you stand on it. Run three inch screws through it. Put your foam on. You can staple it. Then you use your tape so the next one will stick to it. You’re measuring to make sure you same on both sides.

Then you put a screw to hold it on that, on the outside. You do the same thing on the other end and then you screw it all off. Since you are an American, not an American’t this is what you can do.

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