Putting Trim On A Chicken Coop

We’re putting the trim on the false fronts for my chicken houses. The trim all comes from the old fence panels we’re reusing.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Getting the trim from the fence panel boards
00:30 What you can use in place of the table saw
00:56 Installing the first piece of trim
02:30 Need to plug in the circular saw
05:15 The sounds of the country
06:37 Follow us

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So you can actually do this with a skill saw, circular saw and even a hand saw if you had to just that’s an inexpensive table saw and just wanted to see if we could do that with you guys watching . I’ll probably need a ladder.

“It’s right there.”


So any imperfections in that wood on the top there? Gaps up and downs like that, one can easily be covered up with something that’s straight. And this makes everything stiff too. High winds which we get some high winds. This one needs to be 18 and three quarters. Huh, unplug the table saw and plug in the circular saw.

Yeah, they don’t work without electricity.

But wait, we have batteries.

I have them.

See them sound like dinosaurs over there.

Sound like a John got an egg. You can tell we’re way out in the country.


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