Nextile Shower Wall Set Install

We’re unboxing and then installing the Nextile 4 piece shower wall set. The instructions for side panels get a bit confusing.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Unboxing the shower panel kit
01:30 The first tile
02:48 The instructions
03:34 Pre-drilling holes on the back panel
05:00 Screwing in the back panel
05:43 What you need to do, not what the instruction say
06:46 How we plan to complete the install
07:32 Be an American, not an American’t

Hi, I’m Phil Bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together.

OK, we got the next tile professional tile look, let’s work four piece shower wall set. So this thing weighs it says 130 lbs believe me, it it weighs every bit of that. It is heavy and bulky. So let’s open this up. Here you go John let’s open this up. Let the people see.


“That’s not a good sign.”

Take a look at that.

It’s supposed to looks a lot like tile. I think I’ll take this piece on in.

“Are you supposed to grout it like tile?”


$369 for the bass. I don’t know what it was for this.

“Probably more than the base.”

I would say.

“Are you carrying it all in the that room?”




“How many times are you going to do that?”

A bunch.

This is the upper piece. It’s this recessed in

I guess you.

“I can’t see that.”

So it’s recessed and put your shampoos and stuff and soap.

“You want to hold it up like it’s supposed to go?”

Like that.

“Oh, one of them shorter and that sits on top of it.”

This one sits on the bottom and then the other one sits on top of that.


So you put this on first.

“Here’s your stubborn. All rights reserved.”

I thought I said new tile, but anyway, see the pieces? This is and that’s in in the bigger piece on the bottom. And the little one on the top. Looks like we’re going to have to have white silicone measuring screws washers to drill, wood shims. All right. I think we got all that. All right. See you guys later.

Well, we’ll put some trim over that. Ideally, it would be PVC trim, but I don’t think we have any. Maybe I’ll buy some. She would. Now.

The instructions for this panel says insert this in. I could read it to you, but that’s what it says. And it’s not telling you what you need to know. You need to lift this up, probably about an inch and a half, maybe even two inches up in and then down and it will lock in place. If you notice over here, these place things right here.

You have to lift over those and then down and it locks in. So let me show you where it locks in. So what you’re doing is sliding up and then these things are sliding behind the other pins. And the pins here. Say right here, you have to lift up the whole panel to where it lifts over and then slides in and just locks itself in that way.

So we had to learn that that was not in the instructions and then we’re going to pre drill holes. I’m probably going to replace those since this is a budget thing. Oh, sort of. This is really not a budget surround. Normally you would hang drywall and go around the corner and all that in a house, house because you’d be with this framming.

In this case, I’m going to put white screws and she wants to we’ll put trim in later this on this side, here is where the faucet is going to go, which means for a pretty interesting trip. I’ll take you with us on that. But we’ll probably replace all those screws with white headed screws or something like that. We could put a PVC trim up there we’ll never rot, which is a plastic trim.

“Makes it really nice.”

And that will look kind of cool, too. All right.

This is Phil Bridges, if you like what you saw and think it might be helpful to somebody else, push that like button and let other people know what you and I know, and we’ll work together toward making a brighter future. By the way, we’re not Amera-Can’ts, we’re Americans. See you next time.

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